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Suggestion for Church Websites: Include a Reading List

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Photo: Flickr/webtreats - Creative Commons

When you come across an article that will challenge your church, do you share the article on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or your church website?

Over the years I've visited numerous church websites and noticed a missing opportunity for churches to engage their members by sharing reading lists.

Some pastors and Christian leaders post a list of interesting articles almost everyday. Here are some examples:

A reading list could assist a church member struggling with depression. It could inform a new believer about various topics in the Bible. A list of articles could educate church members about missions before they go on a mission trip. It could also assist in evangelizing your city by answering questions of someone searching for spiritual truth.

If this feels overwhelming, why not share one or two articles a week? Discipleship can take place at a computer screen or on a cell phone.

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