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Tell a Story Day: a Chance to Share the Gospel

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Photo: Flickr/Damian Gadal - Creative Commons

Tell a Story Day is less than three weeks away. This story-telling event is held on April 27th in the United States and on October 27 in England and Scotland, according to Holiday Insights.

There are so many stories that Christians can tell. We can share our testimony, a Biblical story, a historical account of God working in our world, or a work of fiction.

Stories can be told with written words, pictures, sound and video.

Missionaries often use storytelling to share the gospel. In cultures with low literacy missionaries recite Bible stories repetitively until the listener knows the story well enough to repeat the story. The process is called storying.

This year I am planning to write a story to post on my personal blog and on Facebook for my friends. Most of the people reading my post will be in their 40s. So I want to write a story for people that are adults with teenagers and college students, people in midlife that may have walked away from church.

I hope you join me in celebrating Tell a Story Day. Also please let us know about your story by tweeting it with the hashtag #tellastory.

Special Notes

Internet Evangelism Day will be held June 1st. Tony Whittaker, coordinator of the special event, is editor of Digital #Evangelism Resources which provides numerous tips for Christians that operate evangelistic websites and engage in outreach through social media.

Internet Evangelism advocates use the hashtag #ieway to share tips on Twitter.

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