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9/20/13 at 05:08 PM 1 Comments

Timing is Important: When to Post on Social Media

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Marketers have studied the role that timing plays on social media to determine when a post or tweet is most likely to get shared, liked or retweeted.

As the infographic below shows, for Facebook users there are two peak times: In the morning around 7 am and in the afternoon around 3 pm.

Mashable reports that not only is timing important but so is the frequency of posting: "Meanwhile, when it comes to posts, less is more. Brands that post one or two times a day see 19% higher interaction rates than those that publish three or more posts."

Your Church or ministry website also has peek times for when it is receives the most visits. Do you know when those times are?

Visitors to your church website on a Saturday night or early Sunday morning are probably try to find out when worship begins. Is that information easy to access?

Best Times to Post on Social Media
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