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4/24/13 at 11:59 PM 1 Comments

Ways to Promote Blog Posts

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Photo: Flickr/owenwbrown - Creative Commons

Internet Evangelism Day 2013 has passed but our obligation to share the Gospel remains. The following infographic from LaunchGrowJoy lists 30 ways to promote blog posts. I hope you find this information helpful.

Some of the advice here involves syndicating articles - getting them posted on other websites.

You might be aware the Google doesn't like duplicate content. Google likes to list an article just once in its search engine results and has preferences for people that syndicate their articles. In the Christian Post blog admin there is a form that says, "Orginal Source url." If a blogger has previously posted an article, they add the link to this form so that Google knows where the article originated.

The infographic also includes a list of social media sites and bookmarking sites. I haven't used all of the websites listed below. If you have success in sharing articles online, please share any advice you have in the comment section below.

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