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What Donut Day Can Teach Christian Event Promoters

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Photo: Entenmann's

As I write this blog post, Donut Day is winding down. In 1938 the Salvation Army started this annual event as a fundraiser during the Great Depression.

A search in Google News for "Donut Day" shows 12,400 results. Few Christian events obtain this kind of media attention.

Only a small number of people promoted Internet Evangelism Day this year and the See You at the Pole event organizers have been rethinking how they will move forward due to a decline in involvement in their prayer event.

Meanwhile Donut Day had significant support from social media this year.

The Salvation Army Facebook post about Donut Day has been shared 184 times and liked 622 times. Krispy Kreme's Facebook post has been shared 5,908 times and 9,063 people liked it. The Dunkin Donuts Facebook post was shared 1,962 times and shared 5,430 times. Entenmann's Facebook post was shared 72 times and liked 1,028 times.

Donut Day has corporate sponsorship while some Christian events have almost no advertising budget. Some donut shops offer a free donut on this day and the Salvation Army receives a donation based on participation in the event.

In its continued support of The Salvation Army, from May 1st to June 15th Entenmann's Bakery will donate $1 to the organization for every person who "likes" the Entenmann's Facebook page, up to $30,000. (Donut Day Entenmann's and The Salvation Army Partner for National Donut Day 2013 on June 7th)

There are consulting firms that help nonprofit organizations find corporate sponsors. IEG (formerly International Event Group) holds a conference to train nonprofits on the role of sponsorship.

So when it is appropriate a Christian ministry might consider partnering with a business to promote a specific cause.

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