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Harbinger Of The Things To Come

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The Holy Bible, a TRUE Harbinger of The Things to Come
The Books of Daniel and Revelation, Reveal what’s to come
The Four Gospels Reveal, that Jesus Christ gave His Life, for YOU
The question is with this knowledge, what are YOU going to do

Do YOU Believe, have YOU put Your Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ
Do YOU KNOW in Your Heart, His Life He Willingly Sacrificed
His Crucifixion, His Resurrection, and His Ascension
Jesus Christ IS Alive, and He Truly IS God’s ONLY Son

If YOU have put Your Faith in Jesus, Your Future looks awesome
‘Cause YOU will spend Eternity, in God Almighty’s Kingdom
If YOU have REFUSED God’s Offer, YOU might want to turn away
Because YOU will definitely NOT want to hear what I say

One Day soon, Believers will VANISH from this World, We’ll be gone
Unbelievers will be left to ponder This Phenomenon
But they will have more dire things to worry about, it’s True
YOU know what Unbelievers, I’m Blessed to NOT be one of YOU

The World in turmoil, Wars EVERYWHERE, there’s no place to hide
Are YOU wondering yet, why YOU weren’t told, hey, We truly tried
Millions dying from Wars, Pestilence, Famine, Earthquakes, and more
What The Holy Bible Foretold, it’s what YOU chose to IGNORE

There will come a time, YOU will beg to die, but still YOU will live
What a terrifying situation, it’s NO Way to live
Nowhere to hide, plague after plague, is destroying everything
How could God let this happen, The Creator of EVERYTHING

Every person on Earth, is made aware of God Almighty
Open your door, walk outside, open your eyes and YOU will SEE
God Almighty and Jesus Love YOU, Unconditionally
They want YOU to turn back to Them, Salvation for YOU and me

Please listen to and acknowledge, God’s Amazing Saving Grace
Now, please accept God’s Free Gift of Salvation, and take Your Place
One day, YOU will be in God Almighty’s Kingdom, Forever
Jesus IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life, The ONLY Answer

Unbelievers, as YOU watch The Whole World crumble around YOU
As YOU ask yourself if YOU were wrong, I’ll be thinking of YOU
My thoughts and prayers will be, what more could I have done for The Lost
Well, I did my part, every “I” dotted, and every “T” crossed

Unbelievers, YOU still have time to accept Jesus, it’s true
READ The Holy Bible, despite All The Horrors around YOU
God Almighty will Touch Your Heart, feel it, right down to Your Soul
Now YOU KNOW The Power of His Love, God’s ALWAYS in Control

If YOU still REFUSE to accept The Truth, let’s see what’s instore
Forever SEPARATED from God Almighty, through That Door
Cast into The Lake of Fire and Brimstone, yes, Forever
It’s Your Choice or lack thereof, would YOU like to change Your Answer

Time is NOT on your side, because God will NOT wait Forever
One Day YOU will stand before Jesus Christ, how will He Answer
Salvation IS a Free Gift from God, and it can NOT be bought
Will YOU be Counted as a Good and Faithful Servant or NOT

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