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Is Your Destination The Lake of Fire And Brimstone

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Revelation 19:19-20

And I (John) SAW The Beast, The Kings of The Earth, and Their Armies, gathered together to make War AGAINST Him (Jesus Christ) who sat on The Horse and AGAINST His (Jesus Christ’s) Army. Then The Beast was CAPTURED, and with him (The Beast), The False Prophet who worked Signs in his (The Beast’s) presence, by which he DECEIVED those (Unbelievers) who RECEIVED The Mark of The Beast and those (Unbelievers) who worshiped his (The Beast’s) image. These Two (The Beast and The False Prophet) were Cast ALIVE into THE LAKE OF FIRE, burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:7-10

Now when The Thousand Years have Expired, Satan will be released from his (Satan’s) prison and will go out to DECEIVE The Nations, which are in The Four Corners of The Earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to BATTLE, whose number is as the sand of the Sea. They went up on the breadth of the Earth and surrounded The Camp of The Saints (Believers) and The Beloved City (Jerusalem). And FIRE came down from God (God Almighty) out of Heaven and DEVOURED them. The Devil (Satan), who DECEIVED them, was Cast (ALIVE) into THE LAKE OF FIRE and brimstone, where The Beast and The False Prophet are. And They (The Devil/Satan, The Beast, and The False Prophet) will be TORMENTED Day and Night, Forever and ever.

Revelation 20:11-15

Then I (John) SAW a Great White Throne and Him (God Almighty) who sat on it, from whose (God Almighty’s) Face, The Earth and The Heaven FLED AWAY. And there was found NO PLACE for Them (Earth and Heaven). And I (John) SAW The Dead, small and great, Standing BEFORE God (God Almighty), and Books were OPENED. And Another Book was OPENED, which is The Book of Life. And The Dead were JUDGED according to Their (The Dead’s) Works, by The Things which were WRITTEN in The Books. The Sea GAVE UP The Dead, who were in it (The Sea), and Death and Hades DELIVERED UP The Dead, who were in Them (Death and Hades). And They (The Dead) were JUDGED, EACH ONE, according to His (The Dead’s) Works. Then Death and Hades were Cast into THE LAKE OF FIRE. This IS The Second DEATH. And ANYONE (Unbelievers) NOT found WRITTEN in The Book of Life, was Cast into THE LAKE OF FIRE (Forever and ever).

Revelation 21:1-8

Now I (John) SAW a New Heaven and a New Earth, for The First Heaven and The First Earth had PASSED AWAY. Also there was NO more Sea. Then I, John, SAW The Holy City, New Jerusalem, Coming Down out of Heaven from God (God Almighty), PREPARED as a Bride Adorned for Her Husband. And I (John) HEARD a Loud Voice from Heaven saying, “Behold, The Tabernacle of God (God Almighty) is with Men (Believers), and He (God Almighty) will DWELL with Them (Believers), and They (Believers) shall be His (God Almighty’s) People. God (God Almighty) Himself will be with Them (Believers) and be Their (Believers) God (God Almighty). And God (God Almighty) will WIPE AWAY Every Tear, from Their (Believers) Eyes; there shall be NO more Death, NOR Sorrow, NOR Crying. There shall be NO more Pain, for The Former Things have PASSED AWAY.”

Then He (God Almighty) who sat on The Throne said, “Behold, I (God Almighty) MAKE All Things NEW.” And He (God Almighty) said to me (John), “Write, for THESE WORDS are True and Faithful.”

And He (God Almighty) said to me (John), “It is DONE! I (God Almighty) AM The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and the End. I (God Almighty) will GIVE of The Fountain of The Water of Life, FREELY, to Him (Believers) who THIRSTS. He (Believers) who OVERCOMES shall INHERIT All Things, and I (God Almighty) will be His (Believers) God (God Almighty) and He (Believers) shall be My (God Almighty’s) Son (Believers).

BUT the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have Their (Unbelievers) Part, in THE LAKE which BURNS with FIRE and BRIMSTONE, which is The Second DEATH.”

Now, can YOU (Believers) imagine, being resurrected from the dead, to stand before God Almighty, Himself, simply to be Cast into THE LAKE OF FIRE, Forever? Yes, to be SEPARATED from God Almighty’s Immediate Presence, for Eternity. How does One ESCAPE This Fate, doesn’t EVERYONE sin, even Believers?

Yes, Believers STILL commit sins, even after They (Believers) become Believers. So, YOU (Believers) may ask, what is the difference between a Believer and an Unbeliever then? The difference is this, Believers understand the debt for Our (Believers) sins (for the wages of sin, is DEATH, The Second DEATH), has been PAID IN FULL, by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In fact, Jesus Christ died upon The Cross, Once for ALL, paying the sin debt for All Mankind! Meaning, We (Believers) have been GIVEN a truly Wonderful Gift, the opportunity to ESCAPE Our Sin Debt Payment (of Eternity in THE LAKE OF FIRE).

So, how do We (Believers) ACCEPT This Wonderful Gift, YOU (Believers) Ask? First, YOU (Believers) MUST Acknowledge God’s Amazing Saving Grace AND then Accept God’s Free Gift of Salvation. When We (Believers) ACCEPT God’s Free Gift of Salvation, We (Believers) welcome Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to come into Our (Believers) Lives and take control of Our (Believers) Lives, and He (Jesus Christ) comes to Abide within Us, through The Holy Spirit. We (Believers), in turn, follow Jesus Christ in Believer’s Baptism. Believer’s Baptism, is Our (Believers) Outward Expression of Our (Believers) Inward Decision. By this Obedient Step, We Proclaim to Fellow Believers and to The World, that We (Believers) are One of God Almighty’s Children, and a Fellow Disciple of Our Lord Jesus Christ. KNOWING, Absolutely, Positively, without a single doubt, that We (Believers) shall be in God Almighty’s Immediate Presence, with Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, God Almighty’s Holy Angels, and all the rest of The Children (Believers) of God Almighty, for Eternity, Forever. Amen.

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