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King David Foretells The Messiah’s Triumph And Kingdom

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Psalm 2:1-12

Why do the Nations (Unbelievers) rage, and the people (Unbelievers) plot a vain thing? The kings (Unbelievers) of the Earth set themselves (Unbelievers), and the rulers (Unbelievers) take counsel together, against The LORD (God Almighty) and against His (God Almighty’s) Anointed (Jesus Christ), saying, “Let us (Unbelievers) break Their (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) Bonds in pieces and cast away Their (God Almighty and Jesus Christ) Cords from us (Unbelievers).” He (God Almighty) who Sits in the Heavens shall Laugh; The Lord (Jesus Christ) shall hold them (Unbelievers) in Derision. Then He (Jesus Christ) shall Speak to them (Unbelievers) in His (God Almighty’s) Wrath, and Distress them (Unbelievers) in His (God Almighty’s) Deep Displeasure: “Yet I (God Almighty) have Set My (God Almighty’s) King (Jesus Christ) On My (God Almighty’s) Holy Hill of Zion.” “I (God Almighty) will Declare The Decree: The LORD (God Almighty) has said to Me (Jesus Christ), ‘YOU (Jesus Christ) are My (God Almighty’s) Son, Today, I (God Almighty) have Begotten YOU (Jesus Christ). Ask of Me (God Almighty), and I (God Almighty) will Give YOU (Jesus Christ) The Nations for Your (Jesus Christ’s) Inheritance, and the ends of the Earth for Your (Jesus Christ’s) Possession. YOU (Jesus Christ) shall Break them (Unbelievers) with a Rod of Iron; YOU (Jesus Christ) shall Dash them (Unbelievers) to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’” Now therefore, be Wise, O Kings (Unbelievers); be Instructed, YOU (Unbelievers) Judges of the Earth. Serve The LORD (God Almighty) with fear, and Rejoice with trembling. Kiss The Son (Jesus Christ), lest He (Jesus Christ) be Angry, and YOU (Unbelievers) Perish in the way, when His (God Almighty’s) Wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are All (Believers) those Who Put Their (Believers) Trust in Him (Jesus Christ).

Psalm 16:1-11

Preserve Me (Jesus Christ), O God (God Almighty), for in YOU (God Almighty) I (Jesus Christ) Put My (Jesus Christ’s) Trust. O My (Jesus Christ’s) Soul, YOU (Jesus Christ) have said to The LORD (God Almighty), “YOU (God Almighty) are My (Jesus Christ’s) Lord (God Almighty), My (Jesus Christ’s) Goodness is nothing, apart from YOU (God Almighty).” As for The Saints (Believers), who are on the Earth, “They (Believers) are The Excellent Ones (Believers), in whom is All My (Jesus Christ’s) Delight.” Their (Unbelievers) sorrows shall be multiplied, who hasten after another god; their (Unbelievers) drink offerings of blood, I (Jesus Christ) will NOT offer, nor take up their (Unbelievers) names on My (Jesus Christ’s) Lips. O LORD (God Almighty), YOU (God Almighty) are The Portion of My (Jesus Christ’s) Inheritance and My (Jesus Christ’s) Cup; YOU (God Almighty) Maintain My (Jesus Christ’s) Lot. The lines have fallen to Me (Jesus Christ) in Pleasant Places; yes, I (Jesus Christ) have a Good Inheritance. I (Jesus Christ) will Bless The LORD (God Almighty), who has given Me (Jesus Christ) Counsel; My (Jesus Christ’s) Heart also Instructs Me (Jesus Christ) in the night seasons. I (God Almighty) have Set The LORD (Jesus Christ) Always before Me (God Almighty); because He (Jesus Christ) is at My (God Almighty’s) Right Hand, I (God Almighty) shall NOT be moved. Therefore My (Jesus Christ’s) Heart is Glad, and My (Jesus Christ’s) Glory Rejoices; My (Jesus Christ’s) Flesh also will Rest in Hope. For YOU (God Almighty) will NOT leave My (Jesus Christ’s) Soul in Sheol, nor will YOU (God Almighty) Allow Your (God Almighty’s) Holy One (Jesus Christ) to see corruption. YOU (God Almighty) will Show Me (Jesus Christ) The Path of Life; in Your (God Almighty’s) Presence is Fullness of Joy; at Your (God Almighty’s) Right Hand are Pleasures, Forevermore.

Fellow Believers, King David was Blessed, by God Almighty, to know These Things, before King David’s death and way before Jesus Christ’s Birth and subsequent Death. Did YOU (Believers) notice, King David even talks about Us (Believers)? Again, this is just a taste of “The Foretelling of The Messiah”, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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