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My Dedication To YOU, God Almighty

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Lord Jesus, YOU Loved me enough to die for me, upon The Cross, so that I may have Everlasting Life, now I ask YOU, what can I do for YOU? I dedicate My Life to Sharing Your Gospel with EVERYONE, who has Ears to hear and Eyes to see. My every waking hour will be spent doing Your Will, instead of my own. I want EVERONE to feel the way I do, about YOU. Thank YOU, God Almighty, for Sacrificing Your ONLY Son, because of Your Love for me. Thank YOU, Lord Jesus for Sacrificing Your Life, because of Your Love for me. Thank YOU, Holy Spirit, for it’s by YOU, Holy Spirit, that My Lord, Jesus Christ, comes to Abide within me, and YOU, Holy Spirit are My Counselor and My Guide. Father God, I can feel Your Presence in My Life, and I yearn to Serve YOU, wholeheartedly. My Life on this Earth is but a grain of sand, in The Hourglass of Eternity. Fill My Body with Your Presence, Lord Jesus. May Your Light Shine so BRIGHTLY, through me, that People see YOU, Jesus, instead of me. Please use me, Lord Jesus, as Your Vessel, to share Your Gospel with The World. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I will be in God Almighty’s Immediate Presence, one day, and I will see YOU, Lord Jesus, Face-to-Face. Until That Day, I want to serve YOU, to Worship YOU, to Love YOU, Lord Jesus, if only a fraction of how much YOU, Love me. I can never do enough to repay YOU, Lord Jesus, for EVERYTHING that YOU have done for me. After all, YOU give me Eternal Life, in The Presence of God Almighty, Yourself, The Holy Spirit, God Almighty’s Holy Angels, and all the rest of The Children (Believers) of God Almighty, for Eternity. Therefore, using my limited time, in This World, sharing Your Gospel, using The Spiritual Gifts YOU have Blessed me with, is the least I can do, for YOU, Lord Jesus.

Thank YOU, Father God, for Loving me, and I pray YOU will help me, to teach others what YOU have taught me. I read and study Your Word, The Holy Bible, because I know it’s one of the ways YOU speak to me and teach me. And the things YOU teach me, God Almighty, are NOT always ONLY for my own benefit, but also for the benefits of others (Believers), as well. Thank YOU, for The Fellowship of Fellow Believers, because We (Believers) can teach each (Believers) other and hold each (Believers) other accountable, in this way, We (Believers) may be able to keep each (Believers) other from sinning. But Fellowship is also about lifting each (Believers) other up, through prayer, and helping each (Believers) other grow Spiritually, because We (Believers) are each at different levels and on different paths of Our (Believers) Spiritual Walk, and We (Believers) continuously pray that We (Believers) walk Your Path (God Almighty’s Path, which He Created Specifically for Us), and do NOT stray off Your (God Almighty’s) Path, to walk Our (Believers) Own Selfish Path, instead. But We (Believers) know, IF We (Believers) do stray from Your Path, God Almighty, as Our (Believers) Loving Father, YOU will nudge Us (Believers) back, through Loving Discipline, so that We (Believers) may grow stronger, Spiritually, and become more like YOU, and move closer to YOU, which We (Believers) truly and sincerely desire with every ounce of Our (Believers) Being. After all, YOU are constantly molding and changing Us (Believers) to be more like YOU, God Almighty, and less like The Rest of The World, and We (Believers) Thank YOU, with every ounce of Our (Believers) Being.

Now, I ask YOU, God Almighty and Jesus Christ, in The Presence of The Holy Spirit, PLEASE Use me, I willing GIVE My Life, in Complete Dedication to YOU, so that YOU may give it back to me, at The Renewal of All Things, in Your Blessed Son, Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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