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Nothing Can Separate Us, From The Love of God Almighty

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Romans 8:31-39

What then shall We (Jesus’ Disciples) say to These Things? If God (God Almighty) is for Us (Believers), who can be against Us (Believers)? He (God Almighty) who did NOT Spare His (God Almighty’s) Own Son (Jesus Christ), but Delivered Him (Jesus Christ) Up (Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion) for Us All (Mankind), how shall He (God Almighty) NOT with Him (Jesus Christ) also Freely Give Us (Believers) All Things? Who shall bring a Charge against God’s (God Almighty’s) Elect (Believers)? It is God (God Almighty) who Justifies. Who is He (Jesus Christ) who Condemns? It is Christ (Jesus Christ) who Died (Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion), and furthermore is also Risen (Jesus Christ’s Resurrection), who is even at The Right Hand of God (God Almighty), who also makes Intercession for Us (Believers). Who shall Separate Us (Believers) from The Love of Christ (Jesus Christ)? Shall Tribulation, or Distress, or Persecution, or Famine, or Nakedness, or Peril, or Sword? As it is Written: “For Your (Jesus Christ’s) Sake, We (Believers) are killed all day long; We (Believers) are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.” Yet in All These Things, We (Believers) are more than Conquerors, through Him (Jesus Christ) who Loved Us (Believers). For I (Paul) am Persuaded, that neither Death nor Life, nor Angels nor Principalities nor Powers, nor Things Present nor Things To Come, nor Height nor Depth, nor ANY Other Created Thing, Shall be able to SEPARATE Us (Believers), from The Love of God (God Almighty), which is in Christ Jesus, Our Lord.

1 Corinthians 5:1-8

For We (Believers) KNOW that if Our Earthly House (Our Natural Body), this Tent, is Destroyed, We (Believers) have a Building (Our Spiritual Body) from God (God Almighty), a House (Our Spiritually Immortal Body) NOT made with hands, Eternal in The Heavens. For in this We (Believers) groan, Earnestly Desiring to be Clothed with Our Habitation (Our Spiritually Immortal Body), which is FROM Heaven, if indeed, having been Clothed, We (Believers) shall NOT be found naked. For We (Believers) who are in This Tent (Our Natural Body) groan, being burdened, NOT because We (Believers) want to be Unclothed, but Further Clothed, that Mortality may be Swallowed Up by Life (Everlasting Life). Now He (God Almighty) who has Prepared Us (Believers) for This Very Thing is God (God Almighty), who also has Given Us (Believers) The Spirit (The Holy Spirit), as a GUARANTEE. So We (Believers) are Always Confident, KNOWING, that while We (Believers) are at Home in The Body (Our Natural Body), We (Believers) are Absent from The Lord (Jesus Christ). For We (Believers) Walk by Faith, NOT by Sight. We (Believers) are Confident, yes, Well Pleased rather to be Absent from The Body (Our Natural Body) and to be Present (Our Spiritually Immortal Body) with The Lord (Jesus Christ).

John 10:22-30

Now it was The Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was Winter. And Jesus (Jesus Christ) walked in The Temple, in Solomon’s Porch. Then the Jews Surrounded Him (Jesus Christ) and said to Him (Jesus Christ), “How long do YOU (Jesus Christ) keep us (the Jews) in doubt? If YOU are The Christ, tell us (the Jews) plainly.” Jesus (Jesus Christ) answered them (the Jews), “I told YOU, and YOU do NOT believe. The Works (The Miracles) that I (Jesus Christ) do, in My Father’s (God Almighty’s) Name, They (The Works/The Miracles) Bear Witness of Me (Jesus Christ). But YOU do NOT believe, because YOU are NOT of My (Jesus Christ’s) Sheep (Believers), as I (Jesus Christ) said to YOU. My (Jesus Christ’s) Sheep (Believers) HEAR My (Jesus Christ’s) Voice, and I (Jesus Christ) KNOW Them (Believers), and They (Believers) FOLLOW Me (Jesus Christ). And I (Jesus Christ) GIVE Them (Believers) Eternal Life, and They (Believers) Shall NEVER Perish; neither shall ANYONE Snatch Them (Believers) Out of My (Jesus Christ’s) Hand. My (Jesus Christ’s) Father (God Almighty), who has GIVEN Them (Believers) to Me (Jesus Christ), is GREATER Than All; and NO ONE is able to Snatch Them (Believers) Out of My (Jesus Christ’s) Father’s (God Almighty’s) Hand. I (Jesus Christ) and My (Jesus Christ’s) Father (God Almighty) are ONE.”

Fellow Believers, may YOU find comfort in God Almighty’s Word, The Holy Bible. The Lord Jesus Christ CLAIMS YOU, as His Sheep, and He Declares that NO ONE can Snatch YOU (Believers), from His Hands. Paul reiterates this, when Paul lists all the things that can NOT Separate YOU (Believers), from The Love of God Almighty, which Comes through Jesus Christ. Paul cites that Jesus Christ Abiding within Us (Believers), through The Holy Spirit, is Our (Believers) GUARANTEE. Jesus Christ, Himself, Reminded Us (Believers), “YOU (Believers) Shall WORSHIP The LORD, Your GOD (God Almighty), and Him (God Almighty) ONLY, YOU (Believers) Shall SERVE.”

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