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The Best Thing in Life Was Unplanned

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The Radiance Foundation believes the best things in life are
The Radiance Foundation
The Radiance Foundation believes that some of the best things in life are "unplanned".

An unplanned pregnancy. A courageous teenage mother. A father who chose adoption over abandonment. This is Christmas. Without this scenario, we wouldn’t be honoring the most history-altering moment for humanity.

Christ’s birth could not have been orchestrated by man or woman. From the human side of the equation, it was entirely unplanned. And that’s just like many instances in our own lives. No matter how hard we try, we’re always colliding with moments of unexpected challenges.

And the world has become a more inspiring place because of people who, despite the seemingly impossible, embraced the hardship, the pain, the confusion, and the unknown to journey through the unscripted in order to craft triumphant story lines.

The birth of our Savior wasn’t just a singular unplanned human moment, but a string of impossible challenges, royally jealous pursuits and religious persecution. These required continual commitments of love, self-sacrifice, obedience and down-on-your-knees tearful prayers from parents who chose the plan of the unplanned life.

Three out of my four children were “unplanned”. But God’s plan for them was to transform my wife’s life, my life, and the hundreds (if not thousands) of lives out there waiting to experience the love, compassion and joy radiating from these irreplaceable gifts.

The life-affirming work we do through The Radiance Foundation is the result of unexpected moments that have become transformative events. Whether fighting giants in the abortion industry, calling out civil rights leaders for promoting civil wrongs, celebrating adoption, honoring real feminism, or creatively inspiring others to embrace their beautiful intrinsic value, we continue to marvel at how lives have been forever changed by things we never could have, humanly, planned.

Every Christmas serves as a reminder that our most precious gift is being loved by a God who makes all things possible.

He takes the meaningless and makes it meaningful.

He takes the miry and makes it miraculous.

He took the meek and made Him the Messiah.

So, with all of your plans for the holidays, always remember the best thing in life was unplanned.

Merry Christmas.


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