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Lisa Brooke

Posted 9/11/17 at 7:15 AM | Lisa Brooke

Teaching Your Children about Financial Management

When you run a Christian household, there are many values that you will want to teach your children about as they get older. However, it is also important to ensure that you teach them valuable practical skills, one of which is effective financial management. Experts believe that financial management should be taught from an early age, as it means that your children will be more prepared during adulthood.

Your kids will have a lot to cope with when it comes to finances so the more they learn about managing finances, the better it will be for them. Everything from teaching your kids about sensible spending through to helping them find the best student loan consolidation companies to reduce student debt can prove invaluable when it comes to money issues.

Tips to help you teach your kids

There are various methods that you can use in order to teach your kids about financial management in order to stand them in good financial stead for the future. Some of the effective solutions you can use include:

Talk to them about where money comes from: Kids sometimes literally think that money grows on trees. They don’t realize that it is something that you have to work hard for and that you go to the bank to get the money out. You should therefore take time to explain the process of how money is earned so that they realize it is not something that just appears but has to be earned through hard work. FULL POST

Posted 8/11/17 at 5:33 AM | Lisa Brooke

Does Religion Curtail Gambling Addiction?

Between the many casinos that dot the U.S and the presence of online casinos, the temptation to gamble isn’t getting any easier to avoid — especially with things like free bonuses at It seems there are few places to hide for people who feel they may easily succumb to the temptation to place a wager. Luckily for those who may be tempted, online gambling isn’t available throughout the US. It may be worth keeping an eye on what Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to do with regards to online gambling, and the outdated Wire Act of 1961.

But two new studies are suggesting that religion can help deter gambling, an industry that tends to exert its greatest harm on society’s most vulnerable. In one national study, people who attended religious services tended to have the fewest problem gambling symptoms, such as borrowing money to gamble, or betting more than they could afford to lose.

A second study measured the different effects of faith on casino, lottery, and online betting. The research found that being part of religious life can reduce the urge to gamble — which is a good thing, as most religions frown upon the personal and social ills associated with gambling. FULL POST

Posted 4/4/17 at 6:52 AM | Lisa Brooke

The stunning progress of the Chinese Super League

Jiangsu Suning fans recently found themselves facing an unmatched situation – season tickets were instantly very difficult to come by! Despite the team issuing 30 percent more season tickets than last year, fans were desperate to see the big-name new routes arrivals giving real star power to the Chinese Super League – the likes of Ramires, Alex Teixeira, and Jô. Only a few years ago, the Chinese Super League (CSL) was regarded so scandalous and boring that even the residents steered obviously.

The 2016 winter transfer window was a remarkable one for the Chinese Super League as it invested more than any other league on the planet. Not even England’s Premier League or Spain’s La Liga could match their wealth. In total, Chinese Super League clubs invested more than €300 million in the market! Alex Teixeira, who was also targeted by Liverpool, instead moved to Suning for €50 million – almost double what the Reds were willing to offer – and became the most expensive foreign player in Chinese football history.

In the southern, five-time champions Guangzhou Evergrande also created their intentions clear by signing Jackson Martínez for €48 million. These transfers surprised not only local fans but also their European counterparties, with most puzzled as to how a striker who didn’t feature or score consistently for his previous club Atletico Madrid could be worth more than Manchester City gun Sergio Agüero! It is in many ways a reflection of the unreasonable side of China football, but when we think of the fast growth of the league over the past 20 years or so there is actually some rationale behind it. FULL POST

Posted 1/5/17 at 1:37 AM | Lisa Brooke

Benefits of Snow Goggles in Winter Sports and Adventure Trips

 If you can’t see, how are you going to snowboard of ski? There is no question that finding quality snow goggles is a must if you are planning a winter trip.

Goggles are a crucial part of your entire snowboarding and skiing setup. You may wonder why you can’t wear your regular sunglasses; after all, these work fine the rest of the year. However, the best snowboard goggles offer a number of advantages over traditional sunglasses when you are on the slopes. For example, they help to protect you from extremely bright conditions, as well as snow reflections. They do this much better than sunglasses. This is because the best skiing goggles wrap your entire eye area and field of vision.

They also remain in place. There is no question that it can get pretty bumpy when going down a hill. Sunglasses may easily slip off your face. Goggles also stop the wind that can easily obstruct your vision. It doesn’t matter your skill level. If you are planning any type of winter sport adventure, having the proper goggles is a must. Purchasing this type of gear can help ensure you can ride faster, safer, and harder, regardless of the conditions on the slopes. FULL POST

Posted 7/6/16 at 5:43 AM | Lisa Brooke

Explore Reasons Why Cycling is Better Than Running

There are multiple ways that cycling can provide more benefits that walking or even running. When you know the benefits, you know that it is the most ideal to head out and make the most of your day, while working out in a way that is not only beneficial, but it can also be extremely fun. You can take different trails, bike down roads and essentially, go anywhere that you want to go when you’re on the bike and searching for a new adventure. Remember, cycling helmets are useful as safety gear, and this means you should have one while riding around!

Here are the ways cycling is better than running overall.

Get Fit Faster
Getting in shape is something that so many wish that they could do. However, it is something that will come in due time and with the best workout routine. Cycling can be your routine. Cycling is sustained stamina training, while running can do a lot of damage to the body, muscles and joints because of the high impact hits that you take while prodding along the sidewalks and roads. This allows you to slim down much sooner, since there is less recovery time in between routines. FULL POST