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Benefits of Snow Goggles in Winter Sports and Adventure Trips

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 If you can’t see, how are you going to snowboard of ski? There is no question that finding quality snow goggles is a must if you are planning a winter trip.

Goggles are a crucial part of your entire snowboarding and skiing setup. You may wonder why you can’t wear your regular sunglasses; after all, these work fine the rest of the year. However, the best snowboard goggles offer a number of advantages over traditional sunglasses when you are on the slopes. For example, they help to protect you from extremely bright conditions, as well as snow reflections. They do this much better than sunglasses. This is because the best skiing goggles wrap your entire eye area and field of vision.

They also remain in place. There is no question that it can get pretty bumpy when going down a hill. Sunglasses may easily slip off your face. Goggles also stop the wind that can easily obstruct your vision. It doesn’t matter your skill level. If you are planning any type of winter sport adventure, having the proper goggles is a must. Purchasing this type of gear can help ensure you can ride faster, safer, and harder, regardless of the conditions on the slopes.

Now that you understand the benefits of snow goggles, you have to take some time to find out how to find the ones that are right for your particular sporting adventure. There are several factors that you need to consider. Knowing what these are can help ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your skiing adventure.

Shape of the Goggles
The actual shape of the snow goggle can make a significant difference in overall performance. The two most common shapes seen for men and women ski goggles include:

Cylindrical: These are typically low to mid-priced options. They are curved on the sides to wrap around your face and the actual lens is a flat surface. The flatness reduces the actual peripheral vision of the goggle. As a result, they may distort your vision slightly. These are an affordable option for the infrequent rider.

Spherical: With these lenses, they are curved from the bottom and top and from side to side. This is very similar to how contacts and glasses are shaped. In most cases, this shape is reserved to the more costly goggles. They offer better peripheral vision and much less distortion. They are worth the extra money if you can make this investment.

The Color of the Goggle Lens
There are several different colored lenses you will find when you begin searching for snow goggles. The different colors are designed to work with different types of light conditions. Many of today’s snow goggles are even sold with additional lenses so you don’t have to worry about buying multiple pairs of goggles.

If you don’t want to have to worry about changing out the lenses, then it is best to choose an all-around lens. This option will be ideal for virtually anything Mother Nature throws at you. There are also mirrored lens options, which helps to reduce the glare and enhances your depth perception on brighter days. Some of the most common colors you will find include:

  • Gray: Great for blue bird days.
  • Dark brown: Similar to grey but let a bit more light in.
  • Orange: A good all-around lens.
  • Amber: Similar to orange but better on foggy or overcast days.
  • Green: Help to increase the contrast.
  • Yellow: Another all-around lens.

Visual Light Transmission
Even though this may sound like a pretty in-depth and technical term, it just refers to the amount of light that actually passes through the goggles lens. It is referred to in a percentage. The lower the number is, the more light that the lens is able to block.

Selecting Your New Snow Goggles
Regardless of if it is your first time on the slopes, or your 100th – having the right goggles can enhance your experience and fun. Take some time to review the information here. If possible, try on several different goggles prior to making a purchase. When you are able to feel them on your face, you can easily find a pair that is comfortable to wear.

Don’t purchase the lowest cost option you can find. This is a bad strategy even if you are an infrequent skier. Take some time to find a quality pair that is going to last. When you do this, you can quickly discover that your time on the slopes is enhanced. Not to mention, the right goggles can help protect your eyes from the harsh conditions, as well as the snow. This means that purchasing the right snow goggles is beneficial in a number of exciting and worthwhile ways. Keep this in mind when you go shopping for the right pair of goggles for your particular needs.

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