Success and Eternity
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Chuck Marunde

Posted 3/12/10 at 1:53 AM | Chuck Marunde

Success and Failure

The first man was short, mostly quiet, average looking, a hard worker, but he never felt like he had achieved all he could in life. He lived a humble lifestyle in a job with no glory.  That job ended, and he changed jobs a few times over his lifetime as he sought better opportunities. He often thought he could have been a great athlete, but he never had the opportunity.  He knew he had a gift for music, but his parents had been too poor to pay for music lessons. He loved the Lord and raised his children to love the Lord. He was faithful to one woman his entire life. He was not a big socializer, but there wasn't anything he wouldn't do for someone in need. He was a man of prayer and self-control, and diligent in all he did, but he was not perfect. He was loving and patient.

The second man was a popular athlete when he was young, and later joined a large business firm and became a prominent member of his community. Over the years he became quite wealthy and acquired several houses in different parts of the country, and he had many investments. He was a sweetheart in public, but in private he was vulgar and inconsiderate.  He was a womanizer, and his wife knew that, but she told herself that she had a good life with everything a woman could ever want. People treated him with great respect, because they needed his favors, but behind his back they called him what he was-an arrogant and obnoxious tyrant.  The first man would be lucky to get the time of day in America, but in truth he is a grand success in God's eyes, and his rewards will be great in heaven. The second man is given a high seat of respect and honor, yet from God's perspective this man is most certainly not a success. Where he will spend eternity, only God knows.

The difference between these two men is obvious here, but apparently not so obvious to millions of Christians in America. FULL POST

Posted 1/21/10 at 7:53 PM | Chuck Marunde

Success and Eternity

Words represent thoughts or concepts. We use words as a primary means to communicate with each other. Among the thousands of words we use, there are some words that represent concepts with deep meaning for life. These are the kinds of words that take a lifetime of exploration to comprehend the depth and breadth of their true meaning. Success is such a word.

When I was a child, success was the achievement of a simple task. As I worked my way through college and grew in maturity, the definition of success gradually expanded. As I raised my own family, my concept of success as a man, husband, father, lawyer, businessman, and Christian seemed to go through phases. Perhaps I should say the concept of success became a greater mystery the older I got and the more I learned.

If there is one ultimate question in life, it might be, "What is the secret of a successful life?" Many have spent their entire lives pursuing what they thought was success only to find out on their deathbeds that they were terribly wrong. Many today boast of their success, but at the end of life's trail, will they still be boasting? FULL POST