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10 tips to choosing a tent

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Have you made up your mind to invest in a camping tent for your next backpacking trip, hiking trip or group bicycle tour? There are several options available in the tent market today, which can make things complicated for you when you set out to choose the perfect tent worthy of your investment. The tent you choose should be comfortable and should suffice your requirement, so the choice becomes an even more crucial one. This guide has been created to help you in making the right choice in terms of tents. Following are some of the things you need to consider when choosing outdoor camping tents from the market. Read on to find out more.

The number of people accompanying you

Do you plan on going on a hiking trip all alone, or do you want to take your friends with you? The tents you usually buy are categorised on the basis of the number of people going with you. When you are at the store, looking through a Best Family Camping Tent catalogue, make sure that you have a clear idea about how many people are going with you, and how much gear all of you will be carrying in order to make the right choice.

The type of season rating you require

When you are trying to determine the season rating of the tent you plan on buying, you should consider the type of climate of the area you will be visiting for your hiking trip. For tropical climates of Central America, you can use 3 season tents, which are perfect for ventilation in the warm climate. For colder regions, a season 4 tent should be adequate enough.

The number of doors it should have

When you are outdoors, camping with your friends and family, you need to make sure that the tent you use should have proper access for entry and exit. If you are travelling alone, then a single doored tent should suffice. But in case of more than one person, it would be wise to get a tent with two doors. This will allow for easy exit in case of any emergency.

The total weight of the tent

Camping is an enjoyable yet stressful endeavor. You need to carry everything in your backpack, staring from lamps, to first aid kits, weatherproof clothing, propane ovens for cooking, etc. along with the tent. So you cannot afford buying a tent which is excessively heavy. You should always go for a lightweight tent that is easy to carry on long distance trips.

The pegged type or the freestanding type

When you buy a freestanding tent, you can easy pitch it without the use of any pegs, which is a good thing, because you can literally put the tent up anywhere you want. When you buy a pegged variety, you need to look for a comparatively soft terrain to plant the pegs in, or else you cannot pitch the tent.

The size and dimensions of the tent

A tent you choose should be able to fit on your bike while on bicycle tour, or inside your backpack on a hiking trip. Make sure to ask about the dimension and size of the packed tent when you are at the store looking for Best Family Camping Tent. Knowing the size would help you make the right and accurate choice.

Independent use of certain sections

An independent section means the inner tent will have a separate section with a zipper so as to allow people to change their clothes. This system comes in very handy when you are traveling with your family. Also, when the area you visit is going through a period of monsoon, you can simply close the zipper of your tent and save yourself from the rain.

The color of the tent

Color might not seem like such an important factor when it comes to camping outdoors. But in certain cases, you might need a bit of camouflage while camping, especially when you are camping in a forest. In such areas, you need to keep your presence as discrete and as hidden as possible, for which, you should buy tents in brown or green color.

The price of the tent

Know your budget before you set off on an endeavour to buy a tent for your next camping trip. Usually, 2-3 person tent price range is $45-$500, 4-6 person tent price range is $125-$1500 and 8-12 person tent price range is $150-$200. So buy according to your budget.

Proper ventilation

Without proper ventilation, going on a hiking trip with your tent to some far off warm climate is definitely a bad idea. When you close the zipper of the tent, it can get extremely uncomfortable if the tent is not properly ventilated. So look into this matter before you make your final purchase decision.

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