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15 Reasons Why India Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

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Reasons, reasons and reasons. Everyone has at least one or comes up with one to do whatever she wants to. Visiting India though doesn’t require much of a push if you know what you are getting into when planning to take up either a South India or a North India holiday trip. Yet this blog can give you at least 15 reasons to make India your next-go-to destination. Ready?

1. You cannot get enough of life here

What do you think does life comprise: Festivities, celebrations, people, challenges, music, dance and everything in between? Well, India has all that and much more but you have to be here to really experience ‘life’.

2. Experience wildlife at its best

With more than 400 National Parks, Wildlife, Bird and Marine Sanctuaries, you can enjoy Nature at your own leisure viewing endangered species like Bengal tigers and One-horned rhinos.

3. History is just a stone’s throw away

Being the nurturing ground of one of the oldest civilizations of humanity, it is no surprise that you have your hands turning the pages of history in any city you choose to go and explore.

4. And so is the road to God

Religion, spirituality and divinity are all intimately intermingled in India. Numerous Hindu and Jain temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and Buddhist monasteries can eb visited to experience the truth of the statement.

5. With chaos following you at every nook and corner

Most of the destinations that are ‘popular’ with tourists are generally crowded due to being a major source of revenue to the economy. And with a population of over a billion, you are bound to find yourself milling through the crowd every time you step out of your hotel. The best advice would be to have patience with the ‘Indian time’.

6. Here even taking a dip in the holy waters can purify soul

Holy Ganges that begins from the Himalayas and flows through the Northern plains branching out in several tributaries is not just a river with commercial and geographical significance but also has divine association. Hindus take bathing in the river very seriously to purge themselves of their sins and let the river take their prayers to heaven.

7. Shopping anyone, handicrafts at that?

Who doesn’t love shopping, especially on vacations but indulging in this act is overwhelming when you are in as versatile as place as India. Every region flaunts its own local industry and you would want to have at least one thing from every shop t take back with you but doing this can tremendously challenging.

8. Where would you like to stay, palace, fort, budget hotels, home or a luxury resort?

Every kind of traveller has an option to stay, from best of the luxury accommodations to modest home stays. And apart from difference in surroundings, you get a welcome unlike any other place in the world due to the motto ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’, i.e. ‘Guests are god’.

9. A train journey unlike you ever had

To experience real India, get into any train that too in the general or sleeper class. Highly uncomfortable yet rewarding in terms of experience. If you are not up to this level of challenge, you can enjoy a ride either in a toy train or one of the 7 luxury trains of India.

10. To be overwhelmed with the choices of travel destinations

India is just over one-third of the US so you can broadly imagine its size, but the difficult part is to pick a destination with so wide variety of places to travel. From beaches to deserts, from mountains to plains, you would keep on wondering unless you give in and pick any!

11. To broaden your perspective on life

Routine life of an average Indian is challenging, having to fight for space and continue to overpower the difficulties thrown up by daily life. If you are among those who observe people, you will go back richer, appreciating everything you have in your life.

12. To leave spiritually satiated

Since life takes up a different meaning shaped u by the experiences in India while you are vacationing here, you are bound to to become spiritual. Religious books, holy places and ashrams all enrich the faculty of mind making you spiritual, like it or not.

13. Treat the foodie in you

How can you leave this from a trip of India? No holiday in India is complete without digging in various regional cuisines and street foods.

14. Yoga or Ayurvedic spa or both, take your pick

Either or both, you would never regret having spent time, money and efforts on these.

15. Snow, water, jungle or desert adventure, which one’s for you?

Find and cherish the adventurer in you with the best of the South India or North India tour packages. Both of these have their own set of sports to offer you an ultimate adrenalin rush.

So, have you decided which is going to be your reason to visit India? Let us know!

Sophia is simply a travel freak and crazy researching about new places that she can explore. Recently visited Golden Triangle Tour India and it was memorable.

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