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3 Reasons Why Your Church Should have a Website

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Church attendance is waning in most global countries. In order to reach out to the Millennials, it is important to consider utilizing modern technology to attract their interest.

There are currently over 7 billion global internet users. In the US alone, studies show that adults spend at least six hours a day on the internet. Web sites are primarily adapted by businesses and non-profit organizations to increase their online presence; thus, allowing them to reach out to their target audience and engage with them more effectively.

It is easy to set up and maintain a website in today's world. You can either build one with third party hosting sites or contact a website company and contract them to design your website for you.

According to the new report “FACTs on Growth” from the 2005 Faith Communities Today (FACT) survey, written by Episcopal researcher Kirk Hadaway, "creating a church website is one of the most effective means of spurring church growth."

Churches use their websites to engage with their members and other visitors. They are also used to support outreaches and battle social problems such as alcoholism, domestic violence, and drug addiction.

Reasons for a church website

Here are a few reasons why your church should have its own website:

Websites help your church interact with existing members.

Websites are very useful in engaging with church members especially if it’s a big church. They allow church leaders and ministry heads to connect with those who would like to volunteer, give suggestions how to improve a ministry project, or schedule for counseling, or join a discipleship group.

They can be a useful tool to continue communicating with members who have moved to a far-off area. Their church website allows them to continue communicating with their or accountability groups and guide their spiritual growth while they are still in search of a new church to attend to.

Websites educate people about your church.

A church website can be a great source of information about the church and its ministries.

The About Page and the Contact Page are very important pages in your church’s website. These pages contain information regarding the church, answer FAQs about the church, and make contact with the church leadership.

A website provides church members and visitors with updates.

Your church’s website can be an easier way for members and future visitors to get updates and other additional information regarding your church’s activities. It is advisable to upload your church’s calendar of activities, photos of recent activities, and downloadable newsletters.

Some churches also use their websites to share videos or podcasts of the latest sermons preached by the ministers. They also have blogs which voice their opinions and lectures which can help members with their discipleship group sessions.

Final Words

Whether you are a small church or a big one, having a website can be a great help. Not only will you be able to keep in touch with your members but also maximize your ministries’ means to help out the community. Contact a website company to have a manageable and easy to navigate website and know more how it can help you connect with both members and future visitors.

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