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6 Christian Truths That Make the World a Better Place

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The world is kind of a scary place right now. Though most of us find joy in everyday living, our perspective of the world includes senseless violence and murders, rebellion, prejudice, and a lot of hate.

It can be hard to go on social media and perpetually encounter the tangible negativity that fills your endless scroll. But amidst that hate and sadness is the every-shining hope of Christianity.

Even though much of the negativity of the world is directed at Christians, those who believe can find light in the darkness by feeding off some of the most powerful truths known to man. Do you recognize these?

1. Families Should Provide for Themselves

There are countless stories and parables in the Bible that preach about being self-sufficient and providing for yourself and your family. Welfare is a wonderful institution for people who can’t help themselves, but for those who can but choose not to, it’s a crutch that’s tearing the fabric of society.

Christianity teaches that families have a responsibility to work and earn money for themselves, whether by taking an average-pay, nine-to-five job or making millions on penny stocks, like the renowned Timothy Sykes. When families take care of themselves, they find blessings in self-reliance that help them through some of the most difficult times.

2. Jesus Said to Love Everyone

One of the most famously repeated lines from the Bible comes from Jesus stating that his greatest commandment is to love the Lord and your neighbor. When people truly practice love, they see prejudice for what it is and accept those around them without judgment.

Love is one of the most incredible powers known to man. It can change hearts, stop wars, and create peace on scales both large and small. Love is the antithesis of bullying and the perpetuator of friendship.

It’s what makes it possible for human beings to coexist peacefully and happily with equal rights that are unchallenged. If everyone in the world practiced love unconditionally, how different would the world be?

3. Tolerance Is Much Better than Judgment

Though many Christians have handled gay rights movements, abortion, and similar decisions with grace and love, others have lashed out with judgment, unkind words, and intolerance. But we mustn’t forget that God is the only rightful judge. We can’t ever presume to take that place.

We can offer tolerance, though. It’s okay if you believe in something different from others. Anyone who says you’re not allowed to believe as you do is a hypocrite. But there’s no need to pass judgments and create a no-tolerance zone that disables peace in your life and the lives of those around you.

4. Marriage Is Sacred

In the United States, something like 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. There are a variety of reasons why, but probably the most justified is an abusive relationship.

Individuals who have endured beatings, neglect, and harsh words have good reason for seeking a divorce, but too many others have ended their marriage for largely selfish reasons. No one can presume to understand every motivation of people who choose to get divorced, but it is clear that the process is extremely difficult on all those involved, particularly children.

The majority of non-abusive divorces could be worked out if both parties would agree to counseling and the hard work it takes to put a once-happy marriage back together.

5. Wholesome Values at Home Make for Great Kids

Study after study proves that the majority of kids who grow up to be well-rounded adults had a great home life that focused on teaching quality values. Surrounding kids with love, happiness, encouragement, and faith helps your kids to gain confidence, think critically, and be better contributors to society.

The best place to teach kids important lessons is in the home. You can’t leave all the education to the school system, because that may result in your kids learning things in a way that’s opposed to your beliefs.

If you take the opportunity to instruct your children early on, they’ll turn to you for advice in a time of need, which results in a healthier relationship in the family as a whole, and a stronger child all around.

 The world is in desperate need of people with strong values. Striving to maintain your standards will be the most beneficial act for yourself, your family, and everyone you come in contact with.

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