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7 Tips on Naming your Baby

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Naming your baby is probably the biggest challenge and confusion that parents are met with, post the delivery. With all your relatives and friends standing stocked with their suggestions and corresponding opinions, it becomes increasingly tough to choose the right name for your child, with or without offending others or your own wishes. In case that you trying to sort through the same level of confusion, here are a few tips that you can take the help of to give a beautiful name to your baby.

  1. 1. Come up with a list-

Once you have a baby with you, you will be flooded with suggestions of names, some beautiful some not, some long, some short, some meaningful and some random. Your job is to write down all the names you like and make a list. Keep adding potentially lovable names to the list, before you sit down one day and decide to name the little one. Making a list of hindu boy and girl nameshelps you to make the short listing process easier for both you and your partner.

  1. 2. Choose meaningful names-

Most parents today are keen on naming their child with a name that is meaningful. The reason behind this may be religious, or just to signify their child’s life with something meaningful, starting right at their name. If you too want to pick a meaningful name for your child, make sure you have researched its origin and meaning well before christening your child with it.

  1. 3. Get the Long and Short Ratio right-

When naming your little one refrain from combining long first names with longer last names. While long names are often more meaningful, they go best with shorter last names. Similarly, if you already have a long last name, make sure you chose a short and attractive first name to go with it.

  1. 4. Must Sound Good-

A name is what the world will call your baby with. She or he might only be a foot long now, but soon they will grow and mature and they will need a name to represent their personality with. Make sure your baby’s name sounds good and has a good ring to it. Make sure it goes perfectly with the last name.

  1. 5. Choose a decent name-

Baby names are often shortened to make nick names, make sure you choose a decent name for the baby, so that it cannot be shortened to make it sound embarrassing to the child, in the future.

  1. 6. Choose unisex names-

People often settle for names which make it hard to comprehend whether they are for a boy or a girl. Choose names that can be deciphered to be a boy’s name or a girl’s name.

  1. 7. Avoid Rhyming Names-

Many parents tend to name their younger born with a name that rhymes with their older sibling. Do not do that. Let the child have their own individuality.

These are a few tips you should be looking at when considering naming your new born. A good name is their first step to a beautiful life with you.

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