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Sophia Mixon

Sophia Mixon is a professional writer and business analyst. She specializes in small business branding, marketing tips also involved in the launching of startups companies. She creates well-

Posted 2/9/17 at 1:08 PM | Sophia Mixon

Family Vacations Lead to Stronger Relationships and Faith

Familyties are so important – and strong bonds between family members can lead to greater life satisfaction and a deeper commitment to faith for all members.

Unfortunately, our world often removes the family emphasis and puts it on career goals or personal acheivements. Online activities and television also play a big role in shifting family ties.

For that reason, understanding the way families can drift apart and how to come back together is critically important.

Families Grow Distant Thanks to Tech and Work

A study from the University of Southern California found that 28 percent of Americans admit to spending less time with their families because of online activities. Approximately 44 percent of household members felt ignored by others due to online activities, and 48 percent said that TV was the biggest distraction in the home.

Aside from devices that can decrease communication in the home, there are also work issues. About 60 percent of people say they’ll work extra hours, even if they’re unpaid, to get the job done. It’s very important to teach children the value of hard work, but those extra hours take away from precious time spent with family. FULL POST

Posted 2/3/17 at 1:17 PM | Sophia Mixon

7 Tips on Naming your Baby

Naming your baby is probably the biggest challenge and confusion that parents are met with, post the delivery. With all your relatives and friends standing stocked with their suggestions and corresponding opinions, it becomes increasingly tough to choose the right name for your child, with or without offending others or your own wishes. In case that you trying to sort through the same level of confusion, here are a few tips that you can take the help of to give a beautiful name to your baby.

  1. 1. Come up with a list-

Once you have a baby with you, you will be flooded with suggestions of names, some beautiful some not, some long, some short, some meaningful and some random. Your job is to write down all the names you like and make a list. Keep adding potentially lovable names to the list, before you sit down one day and decide to name the little one. Making a list of hindu boy and girl nameshelps you to make the short listing process easier for both you and your partner. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/17 at 11:50 AM | Sophia Mixon

6 Modern Search Strategies Businesses Are Not Doing

One of the best ways to make your online presence felt amongst strikingly powerful competition and every new upcoming e-commerce venture is search marketing. Search marketing is often considered time consuming and to some level even difficult and the claims are not false either. You will find a lot of tips and tricks online that claim to provide you with the best advice at achieving search marketing success but most of them are wither incompetent or just out of date. Here rises the need for you to be updated regarding the latest search strategies to help boost search engine ranking for your business. Read on to find the 10 most competent, tried and tested modern search strategies businesses are not doing, but need to do right now.

  1. Content marketing or promotion

Creating Marketing is essential for search marketing. The best way to do so is create efficient content, which is crisp, unique, plagiarism free, informative, interactive and most importantly imparts, some kind of value to the reader. In case you are unable to come up with such quality content, the best way out is to hire expert blog, article and cheap essay writing service. According to popular myths quality content is all you need to boost your seo. Practically quality content is only the first step to seo. Promoting this content online is what positively influences your seo and brings you to the top ranks of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Promote your content as progressive search strategical moves, with modern content promotion tools and social media. FULL POST

Posted 1/31/17 at 11:43 AM | Sophia Mixon

6 Small Business Marketing Growth Strategies for 2017

For any small businesses or start ups to keep their position stable in the online market or for that matter to create any position at all, it is important to keep an eye on future marketing trends and new marketing channels. Staying updated is key here and it is this constant introduction to new information and marketing techniques that allows them to come up with latest and unique ideas that deliver the most effective brand messages to consumers and the all over e-commerce market.

How to create successful marketing campaigns for small businesses?

To create an all rounded and potentially successful digital marketing campaign you need to keep yourself exposed to the best strategies. Some of the most competent marketing strategies that help small businesses stay in the leading online business loops and not go out of the notice of potential and existing consumers are- social media marketing, video content, data informed decision making, e-mail marketing, blogging and effective content marketing with the assistance of capstone project helpservices.

6 growth strategies for 2017 for small businesses: FULL POST

Posted 1/28/17 at 2:32 PM | Sophia Mixon

A Modern Christian’s Guide to Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce was once a dirty word for Christians, and even today, many evangelical Christians lambast anybody who pursues divorce as an option. Even so, the national average divorce rate hovers around 50 percent, with fluctuations up and down every year—and some studies suggest that the divorce rate for evangelicals is even higher than the national average.

Does this mean that marriage is a less holy union than it used to be? Does it make you un-Christian to want a divorce from your spouse?

The Whys and the Hows

The acceptability of divorce is debatable, strictly speaking. There are many passages in the Bible which prohibit any kind of divorce, with marriage being described as a permanent lasting union between a man and a woman. However, we all know from experience that some marriages are too painful for any person to struggle through merely for the sake of honoring that union—for example, should the victim of spousal abuse truly be expected to maintain her marriage in God’s eyes? FULL POST

Posted 1/28/17 at 2:30 PM | Sophia Mixon

3 Reasons Why Your Church Should have a Website

Church attendance is waning in most global countries. In order to reach out to the Millennials, it is important to consider utilizing modern technology to attract their interest.

There are currently over 7 billion global internet users. In the US alone, studies show that adults spend at least six hours a day on the internet. Web sites are primarily adapted by businesses and non-profit organizations to increase their online presence; thus, allowing them to reach out to their target audience and engage with them more effectively.

It is easy to set up and maintain a website in today's world. You can either build one with third party hosting sites or contact a website company and contract them to design your website for you.

According to the new report “FACTs on Growth” from the 2005 Faith Communities Today (FACT) survey, written by Episcopal researcher Kirk Hadaway, "creating a church website is one of the most effective means of spurring church growth."

Churches use their websites to engage with their members and other visitors. They are also used to support outreaches and battle social problems such as alcoholism, domestic violence, and drug addiction. FULL POST

Posted 12/15/16 at 1:39 PM | Sophia Mixon

Is Your Church Showing A Welcoming Face

We live in trying times, but as church communities, we must always prioritize the call to welcome the stranger, whoever they are – so what is your church doing? If you think greeting newcomers at the passing of the peace or pasting an “all welcome” sign on your door is doing enough, you’re falling short and it’s unlikely you have many new faces coming through your doors. It takes more to present a welcoming face to the community.

To live in the spirit of inclusion is to the throw the doors open wide, but that takes many symbolic acts. If your church is hoping to grow its membership or just bring more community members by for a visit, these simple strategies may help you demonstrate your openness.

Beyond Youth Group

Keeping youth in church after confirmation age or past high school graduation and attracting young adults are two keys to maintaining a living, thriving church – so where are all the young people? It’s a tricky question that can only be answered by looking more closely at our broader culture and how we speak to that culture as a church community.

For youth still at home with their parents, church often falls by the wayside because the family is busy pursuing what Michelle Anthony calls the “abundant life.” In trying to be part of too many things, the family pulls focus away from God and the church loses priority. When parents don’t model the importance of participation in church life, children don’t learn to center their own spiritual lives. FULL POST

Posted 12/6/16 at 11:46 AM | Sophia Mixon

Best Mobile Games for Hardcore Gamers

Let’s agree on the fact that your smartphone has only real games like angry birds, bush rush or talking tom despite the price. Now free always suits for the hardcore gamers but playing angry birds and talking tom is such a kiddish thing.

We hardcore gamers want something more than that but for free. Though the good news is latest mobile phones companies have started working on hardcore games to sway the gamers onto mobile phones.

It will be the cherry on the cake if you get hardcore games for free and also with your favorite smartphone. Compare price right away and buy the perfect combo.

Until that time here is 7 best online games for the hardcore gamers you can play for free.


If you like the rush on the battlefield then the World of TANKS is the perfect war machine game for you. It is a massively multiplayer game. So call up your friends and get ready to start a war and bust other team’s vehicles to win the game.

It is a spontaneous and engaging game. You can choose your warzone and your tanker then play right away. This battlefield game works on strategy, so brush up your strategy planning skill and kill all your stress by playing world of tanks. FULL POST

Posted 11/17/16 at 11:43 AM | Sophia Mixon

How Your Daily Caffeine Fix Is a Silent Killer of Success

“What’s better than a steaming & delicious cup of joe on a crisp fall morning,” asks Blueprint Registry.“In our minds, very little. That caffeine boost at first light is our favorite daily ritual, especially when we’re able to greet the day with our partner. Life is just better when you take the time to savor the little moments like those.”

This is a very common consensus among Americans who love their daily caffeine fix. There are a lot of great things about caffeine, especially for the sleep-deprived individual. Staying awake through school, work, or church sometimes feels impossible without a cup of coffee. Love for coffee is by no means unique. It’s become a huge part of our society, and the use continues to grow as coffee shops pop up and new drinks are created daily.

Research goes back and forth on the positive and negative health effects of drinking caffeine daily. In some situations, it can provide advantages for the drinker. Caffeine has its downsides too, but do they outweigh the good? FULL POST

Posted 11/16/16 at 12:16 PM | Sophia Mixon

In the War on Obesity is Stevia Friend or Foe?

We all know that to live a better, longer and healthier life we need to establish and then maintain a proper weight for our age, height and gender. But we also know that a sweet taste is awesome. Candy, cupcakes, pies, soft drinks – all delicious – all sweet – all absolutely horrible for our well-being so what to do? We invent sugar substitutes such as saccharin and aspartame. The problem is that those artificial sweeteners bring even more serious health issues including a cancer scare now largely disproven and even evidence that they actually can cause weight gain. We love appeasing our sweet taste buds but no matter what we do it is going to find a way to take us down. Damn!

Then way back in 1899 Swiss botanist Moisés Santiago Bertoni was walking around the jungles of Paraguay when he happened to find a plant that tasted real sweet but wasn’t sugar. By 1931 two French chemists isolated the glycosides that give this exotic plant its sweet taste. Finally by 1955 the exact structure of the aglycone and of the glycoside were published in a scientific journal and thus began the first steps in bringing the non-artificial and non-sugar sweetener Stevia into the commercial world. The first commercial Stevia sweetener came to market in Japan in 1971. Today the Japanese consume more Stevia than any other people on earth. Stevia bumped into a problem with the FDA which banned its use in 1991. But after further investigation the FDA approved its use as a food additive in 2008. Since then the popularity of Stevia has exploded. But is it friend or is it foe? FULL POST

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