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Avoid Overspending on Vacation by Creating a Souvenir List

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Holidays are the best time of our lives. We always want to enjoy them to the fullest and let others in on our experience with little souvenirs. But holidays can cause havoc to your budget, especially if you want to surprise your loved ones with lovely, thoughtful gifts. But amazing others with souvenirs doesn’t have to cost a fortune, if you just spend a bit more time planning your shopping. Here are tips on avoiding overspending on your vacation with the help of a list.

Who do you want to surprise?

Before you jet off to your holiday, draw up a list of names you’d like to surprise with a gift afterwards. One of the easiest ways to overspend is when you start shopping without a plan. Panic might hit you at the souvenir shop and you end up grabbing ten miniature volcano candles just because you can’t remember whom you should buy the souvenirs. By having a set of names ready, you know exactly how many mementos you need to buy, avoiding overspending.

How much are you willing to spend?

You’ve probably drafted some sort of a holiday budget and probably even shopped for travel deals at OZCodes.com.au to avoid spending a fortune on your flights and accommodation. But have you thought about a specific budget for souvenirs?

Look through the list of names and think of the maximum budget for your mementos. You can prioritise the loved ones you want to gift with something a bit more special and those that you want to surprise with a little something. Keep in mind that a souvenir doesn’t need to be anything huge or expensive – it is the thought that counts!

What are the things your loved ones would like?

Let’s be honest: most souvenirs end up just filling the shelves for a short while after which they might end up in a second hand store or the dreaded box in the attic. This is precisely because people seize on the first things they see in a tourist shop – or indeed, at the airport in a panic.

The best souvenirs are innovative and practical. You probably don’t pick out your birthday gifts randomly, so why should you do so with your keepsakes from your holiday destination?

When you have a list of names you want to buy a gift, write two to three things the person is interested in after the name. You might have a grandson that loves cars and so you would remember to keep an eye on quirky toy cars on your travels. On the other hand, your best friend might be a passionate cook and a local spice mixture from the streets of Seville might be the perfect souvenir for them.

You naturally want to ensure the gift somehow relates to the destination you visited. But shopping for items, such as local foods or decorations, can be more authentic, then picking something perceived as ‘souvenir’ from the gift shop.

In fact, you probably want to avoid shopping for your keepsakes at the tourist shops. These do come up with an additional price tag that will quickly leave you with no more money to spend on gifts. Beautiful keepsakes and innovative souvenirs, such as local candies or spice jars, are much cheaper when bought away from the tourist areas. Instead of spending your money on the local tea in a tourist-y package in a Chinese tourist shop, find the real local tea from a Chinese supermarket, for example.

Finally, keep in mind the restrictions on souvenirs, in terms of how much space you have on your luggage and what you are able to bring back home. The border control in Australia has a good list of the items that are allowed in the country and you want to keep this in mind when shopping for items.

Sticking to your list

When you reach your destination, keep the list with you at all times. If you see something suitable for someone on your list, check whether it’s within your budget. If so, buy your souvenir and cross the name off the list to ensure you don’t accidentally purchase a number of things for the same person.

The list will also help remind you of the gifts you are hoping to buy before the end of the holiday. A daily reminder of whose souvenirs are still un-ticked can ensure you don’t end up panic buying at the end of your holiday. Thus, making bad decisions that cost more.

Having a list and a set budget can help you save money, whether you are at home or on a holiday. When it comes to souvenirs, we are often guilty of impulse decisions that can end up causing trouble for our wallet, but also have us buy gifts no one wants. Preparing a souvenir list will ensure you know who you want to remember, how much money you have at hand, and you’ll end up spending your coins on something the person appreciates more.

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