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Best Mobile Games for Hardcore Gamers

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Let’s agree on the fact that your smartphone has only real games like angry birds, bush rush or talking tom despite the price. Now free always suits for the hardcore gamers but playing angry birds and talking tom is such a kiddish thing.

We hardcore gamers want something more than that but for free. Though the good news is latest mobile phones companies have started working on hardcore games to sway the gamers onto mobile phones.

It will be the cherry on the cake if you get hardcore games for free and also with your favorite smartphone. Compare price right away and buy the perfect combo.

Until that time here is 7 best online games for the hardcore gamers you can play for free.


If you like the rush on the battlefield then the World of TANKS is the perfect war machine game for you. It is a massively multiplayer game. So call up your friends and get ready to start a war and bust other team’s vehicles to win the game.

It is a spontaneous and engaging game. You can choose your warzone and your tanker then play right away. This battlefield game works on strategy, so brush up your strategy planning skill and kill all your stress by playing world of tanks.


This story driven battlefield game is one of the best free online games where you get the chance to play as your favorite superhero. The villain is Doctor Doom who has stolen the cosmic cube in order to take over the world.

The best thing about the game is you get the chance to play in different locations like the SHIELD headquarters, Savage land and Avenger’s Tower and also will have the glimpses of all the sights that you have read in your favorite Marvel Comics.


This game is for those who have dreamt about fighting in outer space with the aliens and completing tough missions. At the start of the game you wake up from a cryogenic sleep and now you have to use your warframe battlesuit to defend your enemy- the Grinner who are planning to take over the Universe.

The game is very exciting and will amaze you with the beautiful and creative location of the planets. Fighting in the outer space and completing different missions is the main theme of the game.


It is a multiplayer action game for free which is centered on Vampire against the Human characters. This exciting and thrilling game consists of 2 modes:

  • Deathmatch; is the mode where vampire and human fight with each other to win against the higher kill-count.
  • Flashpoint; is the domination mode where humans have to capture a series of control points.

This game has acquired the 4th place in our list because of its setting and game strategy which is developed by the Psyonix.


Grinding Gear Games has published Path of Exile which is an online action role-playing game where the player is controlling a single character. You can explore caves or dungeons which are in the underground and also large outdoor areas to battle against the monsters.

By fulfilling your quest you can gain experience points. The six available classes- Duelist, Ranger, Templar, Marauder, Shadow and Witch from where the player can choose one initially. Each of them has the 3 core attributes- Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

You will absolutely going to like the setting of the game which is in the dark fantasy world. At the start, you will be walking on the shores of Wraeclast which is a continent that was once the center of a mighty empire. But now it is a crushed land which is a penal colony for the criminals and other bad people from the island of Oriath.

 2. DOTA 2:

DOTA 2 has taken the second place in our list because of its huge multiplayer online battle arena where two teams of 5 players fight against each other to defend their large structure known as ‘Ancient’.

The game has 112 numbers of playable characters or heroes, you can choose any of them, but each has their own benefits and weaknesses.


I introduce you to the topper of our list and that is the League of the Legends. Truly a legendary game with strategic playing structure, the intense battles, creative art style, and a lot of diverse heroes everything makes this game one of the largest online gaming communities.

This multiplayer online battle arena consists of 3 main maps, or what they call as ‘Fields of Justice’. Each has varied summoner spells, geography, objectives and different victory conditions. Once you start playing you will become its fan.

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