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How Important is Setting Right Lighting Layout

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Natural or artificial, lighting creates different moods and ambience. It plays a significant role in defining the various aspects of a living space, while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

In fact, lightings and Interiors complement each other beautifully. A well illuminated room is comfortable, ensures safety and adds style to the interior decor. The luxurious surrounding created with expensive materials and furnishing, attract no appreciation if the room has insufficient or improper lighting.

That said, selection and placement of the right type of lights in each room, calls for some detail.

Determining the fixture involves the evaluation of your space (room size, wall colors, furnitures etc). Whether the fixture is wall-mount, ceiling-mount or both, and whether the room has enough electrical connections at the right places; all have to be taken into consideration while making a decision.

Every element has to come together with the right lighting that can transform a room or even an open area into a breathtaking visual experience.

For instance, a proper exterior or entrance lighting helps define the look of a house, increases security and gives a welcoming appearance to your guests. The pathways such as the front landing of your home, stairs or hallways etc. should not be dim, but appropriately lit up to ensure proper guidance and safety.

Lighting designed for a specific task like reading in sitting rooms/studies are supposed to be brighter to avoid the eye strain, as these tasks require a direct impact and a considerable amount of concentration.

Kitchens, small or large are considered the heart of a home and require task lighting too. Introducing under cabinets lighting will illuminate the countertop workspace. Pendant lights hung over a center island or an overhead candelabra fixture that casts ambient light, can also act as the points of visual interest.

Task lighting is also needed for personal grooming purposes or applying make-ups in the bathrooms.

It is a room about relaxation and indulgence. Bathrooms also increase the value of a home. Ambience lighting, combined with an effective plumbing system that provides some very relaxing streams of water through stylish faucets or shower heads, are capable of creating a spa like environment in bathrooms.

Just like the need to clean & fix your home, maintaining the lighting system is equally important. Any kind of light fixtures either fluorescent or incandescent tend to accumulate dust with time, leading to a reduction in their lumen-efficiency. Ultrasonic light and lense cleaning will improve the quality of lighting and even restore to its designed level.

Light is a divine element of our lives and impacts our health and wellbeing. Of course, the best light is always the natural light, yet a lot can be done with the artificial lighting when our rooms are not fully exposed to the sunshine. It is up to us to explore the possibilities and create happy illusions.

Following infographic focuses on the importance of lighting in various areas of a house -

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