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North India: Home to Spirituality as Offered by Various Faiths!

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The word ‘spiritual’ can mean only religion to many when all it means is the feeling where an individual feels better connected to himself, finding peace and serenity without letting go of the faith he is born to or practices. India being home to numerous religions attracts millions of spiritual tourists and pilgrims every year to various destinations. If you are considering North India tour packages for your spiritual trip this year, here is the list of 6 places you would the spiritual tug irrespective of the faith you belong.
Have a look.

1. Varanasi

The pious banks of Ganges near Varanasi make for the spirituality associated with being in the vicinity of the abode of the Lord Shiva. Primarily a Hindu pilgrimage, the place doesn’t differentiate especially near the riverside. A boat ride and participation in Ganga Arti are all you need to take to reassure yourself that life can be lived harmoniously and peacefully. You can visit Buddhist pilgrimage Saarnath from here which is only 10-11 Km away from here.

2. Bodhgaya

The famed Bodhi Tree under which Lord Buddha was enlightened is to be found and believed here. Again the faith you follow is not a hindrance to visit the place. Located in Gaya district, the Mahabodhi Temple complex makes you feel relaxed and serene at the same time where your worries mean nothing because there’s always more sufferings that you can address like Buddha and live in bliss.

3. Haji Ali Dargah

Being flanked on an islet in south of the Mumbai, Haji Ali Dargah dedicated to the Muslim Saint Haji Ali is surrounded by Arabian Sea. The dargah is opened only from morning till evening in every season except Monsoon as the rising tide water covers the connecting path to mainland. People of all faiths come here to pay their respect and find solace in the cacophony of the sea.

4. Hemkund Sahib

Do you admire the beauty of the teachings in Sikhism? A “Yes” means you will be enamoured by one of the most scenic pilgrimage spot in Chamoli, Uttarakhand: Hemkund Sahib. The unique pentagonal structure makes it more admirable but the spiritual connection is set by its surrounding; lofty snow-covered hills, greenery and a small lake reflecting the image of the shrine. Explore yourself under the keen eyes of almighty.

5. Pushkar

Popular mostly for the annual Pushkar Festival among the globe-trotters, the place in your Rajasthan tour package has more than 400 odd temples including the only popular temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Brahma, one of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) who is considered responsible for the creation of the universe. Located near Lake Pushkar, the beauty of the temple is spell-casting.

6. Leh

Not for a single spiritual place but be in Leh for the supernatural pull caused by the numerous Buddhist monastery that give you a sense of hope in the face of utter faithlessness. Spituk Gompa, Thikse Gompa, Sankar Gompa, etc. would allow you to get mingled in the fragrance of incense sticks and chanting of the monks and experience divinity.

The list is obviously not all-inclusive but gives you the best chance of experiencing different takes on spirituality by various faiths. Get ready for a unique experience!

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