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Vulnerability Testing: Everything you needs to know

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If you are technology savvy, you might have heard the term vulnerability assessment or vulnerability testing at least once. In laymen terms, vulnerability assessment or testing is the process that computers must undergo to measure, identify, and analyze most, if not all the system vulnerabilities they may possibly have. In addition to this, it aims to produce a quantifiable list of security issues and possible measures to fix these issues.

How Vulnerability Testing is Important?

You should understand that not a single solution could completely make a system invulnerable to the security attacks. It is unfortunate to know; however, that plethora of myths circulating around the system security were perceived by most as true.

Many businesses; for example, believe that only a firewall is sufficient to become foolproof to possible cyber-attacks. This, and it is conservatively speaking, is not right. There will always be security loopholes that should be corrected.

So where does vulnerability testing come in?

Vulnerability testing services must be conducted so as to assess how cyber security solutions work and how they complement one another to provide the best possible security. Consider this: intrusion prevention systems like firewalls cannot block all viruses from infiltrating. The malware protection software can't secure the data from databases. Each solution has its limitation, as there are many things that they can and can't do. It's a matter of good balancing amongst all these possible solutions.

Other than knowing possible loopholes, vulnerability testing is key to determine a wide array of network security concerns that would help admins to identify core security issues.

It can also provide users comprehensive image of the system that might cause any breaches. These security vulnerabilities are arranged according to the prioritization. With this list, system administrators can come up with feasible security solutions so as to address pressing needs. In addition to this, they get to preempt possible security issues that might occur in the future.

Unfortunately some people believe that conducting vulnerability testing would be duplication to the process, considering that these assessments are conducting remediation as necessary. Further, security vulnerability assessment is far more comprehensive. It can identify loopholes that remediation can't.

Vulnerability testing or assessment looks for security issues by looking at information presented by the computer server. It provides an excellent look that covers most things. In order to get an even better look into the server security penetration testing should be run. In short, these tests are called pen test. Proper caution should be taken as a pen test can potentially cause complete server to crash or otherwise have problems. A reputed penetration testing company will ensure that these risks are effectively minimized or completely vanished before starting.

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