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2/21/13 at 02:44 PM 9 Comments

How Tebow and First Baptist Dallas Can Turn Negative Into Positive

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(Photo: GameChanger via The Tebow Beat)

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow cancelled an April speaking engagement at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. In recent days numerous blogs attacked the athlete because Pastor Robert Jeffress is an outspoken opponent of the gay lifestyle.


By Barry Bowen

This Huffington Post headline is representative of the accusations: "Tim Tebow, Jets Quarterback, To Speak At Virulently Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Church First Baptist Dallas."

Sometimes I think Christians miss incredible opportunities to respond to the accusation of being called "anti-gay."

Tebow obviously had his reasons for cancelling the event but perhaps there was a better way to deal with the accusations. Tebow and Pastor Jeffress could have visited AIDS patients and told them, "We love you."

Such an action would have followed Jesus' words in Matthew 25:36 which says, "I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me."

Two of my friends have died from AIDS. It did not matter to me how they contracted this disease. I visited them as they were dying. Showing compassion to hurting people is a powerful way to share our faith.

Now I have another friend with AIDS. Recently I drove him to a pharmacy and to a restaurant to eat on the weekend. Tebow and Jeffress could do the same.

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