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12/12/12 at 12:16 AM 4 Comments

Media Declares Tim Tebow Time Officially Dead

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No one could have kept up the pace.

Not N.Y. Jets coach Rex Ryan who week after week dangled a carrot before the media as if to appease their hunger for any morsel of Tim Tebow news, sometimes making stuff up like the notion that a bizarre quarterback shuttle system would somehow work in the NFL although it never has. Also, Ryan couldn't keep up with constantly wetting the lips of Tebow fans by simply saying their guy truly was a joy to have on the team – week after week, after week.

Not the Jets players who imploded under the microscope during a lackluster season and started having a witch hunt over who really was to blame for the Jets collapse. The only problem being is that they settled on a backup quarterback as the reason for the season. Go figure.

And certainly not the media, who could no longer debate about a guy with broken ribs. After all, how can you analyze an athlete who is ridiculed by half his team, given a snow job from his coach, stands on the sidelines game after game, and still just wants to suit up to show support for his team no matter what?

Undebatable, boring (by wordly standards), and no longer ratings friendly.

So, unceremoniously, the media has declared Tebow talk dead. The "entertaining/polarizing blend of athleticism and underdog-ism and spiritual faith packaged in a player who was humble and gracious and drove skeptics nuts" (as Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal put it) is on hold... the phenomena has been put to sleep for perhaps another day.

The only one who is still smiling, still keeping up the pace is Tim Tebow. He has to. He's on a mission from God.

Alex Murashko 

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