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Top 10 Tim Tebow Blog Posts

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(Photo: Reuters/Gary Hershorn)
Tim Tebow leaves field after Jets 48-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills led by quarterback Mark Sanchez.

THE TEBOW BEAT – While some sports fans (especially Denver Broncos fans) may have considered unashamed Christian quarterback Tim Tebow a miracle worker last year with his mid-season heroics leading the team into the playoffs, things were different as a N.Y. Jets player. If there was any miracles during the 2012 season for Tebow it was the fact that he never lashed out at a coach and organization that really didn’t seem that serious about giving him a chance to play in earnest.

A Wildcat quarterback, a red zone player, and a specialty teams secret weapon were all terms dangled to the press and Tebow fans, seemingly every week of the season, anxious to see if the evangelist athlete could repeat the thrills he delivered as a Broncos player.

Through it all, Tebow remained in the news, especially in the sports blogs and tabloids. Whether it be his foundation work giving youth with illnesses and disabilities a chance to hang out with him and go to a game, or the speculation about dates with actress Camille Belle, Tebow did not disappear from the spotlight simply because he mostly roamed the sidelines the entire season.

Where will Tebow end up next season? That’s still an unknown. Meanwhile, let’s look at the Top 10 Tim Tebow Blog Posts at The Tebow Beat.

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2. Camille Belle Calls Tim Tebow Cowardly on Way Out of Relationship?

3. NFL Sources: Tim Tebow To Likely Land in Jacksonville in 2013

4. Tim Tebow Girlfriend News: Gossip Media Gone Wild!

5. Tim Tebow Answers to His 'Baywatch Moment'

6. Tim Tebow: Satisfaction Comes With His Relationship to Christ

7. Media Declares Tim Tebow Time Officially Dead

8. Tim Tebow in OC: 'It's like looking for Sasquatch'

9. GQ Cover Story of Tebow Causes Some to Squirm

10. Top 10 Tim Tebow Stories at CP

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