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Why does a Church need its own Website? The Key Essentials

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A Website is an incredible way not only to achieve numerous potential visitors, but also it constructs association among your existing audiences.

Now the question arises, why does a church need its own website?

It is needed because a website keeps your visitors updated with all the stuffs regarding church timings, calendar, contact person etc. It keeps the records of all the staff members, events, sermon managements etc. and it also helps visitors in locating the church easily.

An interesting and user friendly website is more than a necessity and website builders like MotoCMS help to create a stunning website within minutes.

Here are the key functionalities that you must have in your website: 

The Key Functionalities of a Church Website

Church Calendar- It is an essential element because the visitors always want to stay up-to-date for the upcoming festive and prayer timings. But it is mandatory to keep on updating the website on a weekly basis so that the right information can be sent to the members of the church. A church calendar provides the information about when to celebrate the historic dates, i.e. chronological events like birth of Lord etc.

Online Donations- Generally, the donation can be made personally on Sundays while coming for the prayers but online charity has made the way of donating easier for its members. It lets people donate according to the availability of their time as the website is running 24x7. This is a great way for the Church to grow their funds for easier operation of its regular activities.

Online Sermons- This is an adequate way to have a larger audience. The Sermons can be in forms, audio and video. Making Church discussions/sermons accessible on the website is an awesome approach to engage the visitors, and it permits church staffs to make up for the time when they may have missed a week. Sermons have the capacity to be sorted by speakers, arrangement, point and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Online Prayers- A website helps you in maintaining the online prayers for the listeners who cannot make presence in church on Sundays. This saves a lot of time.

Staff Directory- In a website a staff directory gives every staff member the freedom of building their own profile and update it in an effective manner. It is also helpful for making connections with people.

A Blog for Latest News Updates- News spread knowledgeable information which brings the attention of members. With the help of a blog you will be able to update the current scenarios and the events.

So, all these information can be very helpful to build up your church website as a church website gets more people to your church, connects members, it is helpful for organizing events and sermons and it also saves the money on advertising for the upcoming events. You spread quite vital information with the help of a website.

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