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10 Cool Travel Gadgets A Travel Freak Can’t Go Without

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Traveling is always fun! But, what if we say that you can really add to your traveling experience with the smart use of some out-of-the-box and cool gadgets? Yes, these smart tools would definitely change the way you travel, all due to the smart usage of technology which adds extra convenience wherever you go.

Without beating around the bush, let’s have a quick look on a few cool travel gadgets we’re already drooling upon!

1. A cute and mini travel steam iron
Are you one of those who would never step out of their home without perfectly ironed clothes? Then, why adjust with this habit while traveling? Look picture perfect with the world’s smallest travel steam iron which is not only very easy and handy to carry wherever you travel, but also provides wrinkle-free clothes on the go!

This travel steam iron is very compact in size and is mainly intended to take along while traveling. It has a 420-watt motor and three heating levels. Compare its size with the mouse of a computer which makes it an excellent pick to pack in your travel bag. Sounds cool, no?

2. Comfy foot warmers
Make your winter activities comfortable with technology equipped foot warmers. They are very helpful if you are traveling to beach destinations or snowy mountains. Infused with ThermaCELL Heated Insoles, they are ideal for any activity you wish to do in cold weather. The device can be easily operated by a remote control and keeps your feet dry in addition to keeping them warm. The water resistant features of the foot warmers keep the moisture away. Being wireless, they’re easy to be used wherever you go.

3. Female urination device
This is the device every woman dreamed of and now it has become a reality. You can make this urination device yours and say bye to unhygienic bathrooms. Let’s admit that we all get fed up with dirty and unhygienic toilets. And that’s when this little wonder gadget from GoGirl would help you serve the purpose. GoGirl is a female urination device that allows girls to pee while standing. The device is very hygienic and is made from medical grade silicon. It is compact enough to fit easily in your purse. Isn’t it a must try?

4. Portable external battery charger
The battery charger is very important during travels because you never know when your phone gives up. The Iron Man Mobile Fuel Cell charger is what you need today! Having an outstanding capacity of 12,000 mAh, the device would surely keep all your mobile devices powered on the go. The charger consists of two USB ports and can efficaciously power two devices simultaneously. You no longer need to stop your music or disconnect Wi-Fi just because of declining battery, an Iron Man charger is all that you need!

5. Avalanche survivor backpack
Why risk your life and when an avalanche survivor backpack can boost your survival rate by 95%? The Avalanche North Face Patrol 24 ABS has a dual airbag system with airbags filled with compressed nitrogen gas. This backpack helps in saving your life during an avalanche and is very useful for climbers who make their way to the top of the mountains and other snowy areas. When you get hit by an avalanche, the airbags start working by enabling you to stay where you are. The biggest advantage of this gadget is that it is lightweight and comes with an outstanding durability.

6. E-cigarette
Last but not the least; an e-cig is definitely a must if you are an active smoker. It is a smoke-free and a less harmful version of smoking which would allow you to smoke on the go. It is an easy substitute for your traditional cigarettes sans the harmful tobacco effect. You also have the liberty of choosing various flavors and nicotine level of e-liquids in accordance with your taste and preferences. So, in order to enjoy a seamless vaping experience, it is highly recommended to charge the battery fully so that your e-cigarette can last longer.

7. Tampon flash drive
Do you often find yourself fighting with lost data? Not anymore! A tampon flash drive helps you store your important files while you are on a trip. While a pen drive with a lot of storage space may be difficult to carry, this flash drive with its small size is suitable for any travel. It has an interesting shape, one that of a tampon. Some might feel awkward at first glance, but the shape makes it thief-proof. Nobody would suspect that your tampon actually has important information in it. Clever enough, no?

8. Water-proof gadget bag
While away from home, there is always a risk of your valuable belongings getting wet by an unexpected downpour. Overboard Pro-Vis Waterproof gadget bag is an ideal solution for this problem. If you are a person who carries a number of gadgets while traveling, you can store everything safely in this waterproof bag. It has many compartments and pockets that fit all your devices. This becomes more useful during activities like cycling and water sports. Easily choose between two sizes and two colors and shed your worries!

9. Pocket Size Washing Machine
On a tour to Europe and thinking to pack the least number of clothes? Well, yes you can! Scrubba wash bag is a pocket size washing machine which would help you in doing laundry from any part of the world, thus facilitating you with light traveling! This lightweight pocket size needs just 4 liters of water and a pinch of washing liquid to clean your clothes in less than 5 minutes.

10. Sandless beach mat
Are your beach holidays often destroyed by sticky sand all over your beach mat? Well, bid adieu to all frustration with this revolutionary sandless beach mat which is almost impossible to cover with sand. Thus, you no longer need to get annoyed with sticky sand. Have a wonderful beachside experience with your favorite book and warm sunshine.

Over To You
Surprised and excited at the same time? Yes, we totally understand your situation. We too were as surprised as you’re when we first discovered these awesome gadgets. Take your excitement to an all-new level by ordering them today. Don’t forget to share your experience once you use them. Write to us in the comments below. Get, set, go!

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