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10 Must-Have Apps For Your Smartphone Or Tablet

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There are so many apps out there for smartphones and tablets these days that it’s hard to know which ones are amazing and which ones aren’t that great. Fortunately, there are lists like this one that help narrow down these apps, so you can find the ones that you’ll get use out of. Here are 10 of these must-have apps that you might want to download to your smartphone or tablet. Some of them will help you share information with others, while some let you customize your device or back up all of your data.

1. Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming app that, while not the first of its kind, has become the most popular. It lets you broadcast events from your smartphone or tablet. Viewers can leave comments on your stream, which you can then reply to. You can broadcast everything from news stories to what you’re cooking for breakfast. There are now more than 1.5 million users, so you can reach a good number of people. Even better, it’s free to use! Periscope is available on both Android and iOS.

2. Darkroom

If you love taking photos and sharing them with your friends, you may have gotten pretty good at using your device’s default photo editing options. But with Darkroom, you’ll have a whole new batch of editing tools at your disposal. These tools are much better than what your phone has—everything from light adjustment to color enhancement is possible. If you do a lot of photo sharing from your phone, you’ll want an app like this. Darkroom is available for iOS only, and it’s a free app.

3. Google Translate

If you’re traveling to a foreign country or often work with people who speak another language, Google Translate is your friend. This handy app will take the text you enter and translate it to the language you select, then speak the translation. It’s invaluable if you find yourself lost in a part of the world that doesn’t speak English. Currently, 26 different languages are available. You can also point your phone’s camera at something written in another language and the app will translate it for you. Google Translate is available on both Android and iOS for free.

4. Nova Launcher

An Android-only app, Nova Launcher lets you change how your phone or table’s operating system looks. You can customize just about everything from the size of your text to how many apps you can directly access on the lock screen. Nova Launcher even lets you make your device look like one from a different manufacturer. If you’re tired of how your phone looks, Nova Launcher can help you create a look that’s entirely you. It’s available for free.

5. YipTV

YipTV is a live TV streaming app for sports fans who want to watch sports online. It includes games played around the world and is available in both English and Spanish. YipTV’s free membership includes 18 different international channels that you can watch on two different devices at once. You also get to preview 9 of their bonus channels for free for the first week of membership to see if you want to upgrade. YipTV broadcasts everything from soccer to auto racing and even includes international movies. You can get this app on both iOS and Android.

6. Olive Office Premium

If you’re constantly using your mobile device for work, Olive Office Premium will come in handy. This app for Androids lets you open and even edit a number of different file types, including PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets. You can also use it to view PDFs. If you’re always on the go and don’t have a laptop or tablet with Microsoft Office on it, you may find it difficult to get things done, so you’ll want something like this. Unlike similar apps that you have to buy, Olive Office is completely free.

7. Zedge

Another app that helps you customize your phone or tablet, Zedge gives you access to millions of free ringtones, wallpapers, sounds, and more. It gives you the option to preview the sound or image before you download it, so you’re not going to be filling your device up with junk you don’t want. If you’ve created your own sounds or wallpaper, you can also upload them to Zedge for others to enjoy. This app is free for Android users.

8. Battery Defender

The Battery Defender app is a very simple battery saver program that gives you two options: on or off. When you have it turned on, it will do a number of different things to make your battery last as long as possible, including turning off background apps and processes that aren’t needed and disconnecting your Wi-Fi when you’re not using it or when the device’s screen is turned off. The end result can be hours of extra battery life. While there are similar apps that give you more options, the simplicity of Battery Defender is definitely a plus.

9. Facebook

The Facebook app lets you post statuses, send messages, comment on photos, post your own photos and videos, and much more. It’s the official app created by Facebook, and you can do almost everything from it that you can do from the Facebook website. It also syncs your Facebook friends list and your phone’s contact list, linking together accounts and automatically updating the contact picture to the user’s Facebook profile picture for those who have Facebook. If you use Facebook a lot, you’ll want the app. You can get it on Android and iOS devices.

10. Go Backup

Go Backup is a handy app that will back up all of your phone’s data to the SD card. This includes the following:
• Applications
• Call logs
• Text messages
• Your contacts.

Creating a backup or restoring one is very easy, and you can even decide what you’re backing up or restoring. Of course, you can also do a full backup and save everything at once.

What are your Favorite Apps?

Do you enjoy using any apps that didn’t make this list? Let us know which ones!

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