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10 Tips For Buying Shoes That Fit Perfectly

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Do you know what size shoes you wear? Chances are your answer to that question will depend on the season, the style of shoe, or the brand of shoe. But why?

There are two major reasons for this phenomenon. First of all, our feet change size with age; the shoe size that you wore ten years ago might not be the right size anymore, even if you are familiar with the brand. The other reason, which is the biggest difficulty for most people, is that shoe manufacturers use different measurements and molds, depending on the sizing for that country or brand. You probably wear a different size of American running shoe than you do in an Italian leather high heel. Size charts aren’t always accurate between different brands. So how can you be sure to get shoes that fit perfectly, without being in pain or disappointed?

Here are a few tips for buying shoes that fit perfectly:

• Measure your feet. This may seem obvious, but always try shoes on at the store and ask the clerk to measure your feet. Most shoe shops have a tool for measuring feet to the millimeter. This way, you know exactly how big your feet are, and you can use this to compare with size charts for different brands. This can be very useful when purchasing online. Many shops won’t take a return for shoes that have been worn, and you don’t want to get stuck with a pair of ill-fitting, painful shoes that you won’t wear!

• Let your feet swell! Feet tend to swell after walking on them all day—especially after a day of shopping. Save your shoe shopping and foot measuring for the end of the day when your feet are likely to be slightly larger. This will help ensure you get shoes that won’t be too tight after a full day of wear!

• How much room is enough? Make sure there is a little less than a half centimeter of room (1/8”) at the heel of your foot, and about a full centimeter (1/2”) of “wiggle room” at your toes. It’s important that your heel doesn’t slide around, but that it isn’t cramped up either. Likewise, your toes should never feel squished or cramped. When you disregard this rule, the result is painful blisters!

• Sock it to me! When you try on your shoes in a shop, or at home from an online purchase, you should always wear the socks (or not) that you plan to wear with the shoes (or not). Many people try on all shoes with socks for hygienic reasons, but you won’t really wear socks with high heels for example, so don’t wear them when trying on. Likewise, when trying on winter boots that are on sale during summer months, make sure you have thick socks that you would probably wear with the boots during winter. Socks can add or take away as much as a full centimeter, which can make a big difference in sizing!

• Act natural. When trying on your shoes in a shop or at home, walk around with BOTH shoes on (with the appropriate socks, as mentioned above). While a shoe may feel fine at first, walking and standing for 5 minutes will give you a much more realistic feel for the shoe. This is especially important for high heels and running shoes.

• Be flexible! Everyone’s feet are different, just like shoes. It’s important that the shoes move with your feet, especially when you walk. So make sure the shoe bends in the same place that the top of your feet bend naturally when you walk. If they don’t, you can be sure they will be painful to wear.

• Know the best quality brands! There are thousands of shoe manufacturers and brands all around the world, and with online shopping today, they are all available to us in just a few clicks. While it can be very tempting to try a discount brand of shoe this way, we wouldn’t recommend it! You are better off sticking to tried and true brands that are known for comfort and quality, such as clarks shoes. Clarks are just one example of a brand known for having some of the most comfortable and best fitting clarks shoes in the industry.

• Love your shoes! After you’ve bought them, taking care of your shoes is also important when it comes to comfort and fit. Leather shoes should be waterproofed and cleaned with appropriate products in order to keep the leather soft and flexible like new. Store your shoes in a way that they won’t become deformed or “caved in” on the top by using plastic supports or even socks to maintain the shape while in storage for the off season. This way your shoes will stay perfectly comfortable and look like new for years to come!

• Avoid impulse purchases! Let’s face it, we love shoes! And sometimes it’s tempting to buy a pair of gorgeous shoes that don’t fit perfectly, or even without trying them on! But that’s a big mistake, because a pair of shoes that don’t fit well can do damage to your body, and your bank account! If you find yourself thinking that they will stretch, or they won’t be “that bad”, think again. While a leather upper may stretch slightly over time, you won’t be able to change the length of the foot bed. And there’s no need to buy shoes that won’t get worn.

• Don’t be lazy with returns! If you order shoes online and they don’t fit perfectly upon arrival, you should immediately return or exchange them for another size, or another model altogether. Don’t give in and wear the ill-fitting shoes outside, and ruin your chances of making a return. Many shops have a return policy for unworn shoes, so don’t hesitate to persist until you get perfectly fitting shoes!

If you follow these tips the next time you buy a great pair of shoes, you are sure to get the best fit possible. Believe it or not, shoes that don’t fit properly can be the cause of many physical problems, so it’s not worth settling for anything less. What’s more, when you feel good in your shoes, it shows, and there is nothing more attractive than feeling great! So now go out there and get yourself the perfect shoes!

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