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10 Types of Room Partners That Reside in Every Girl’s Hostel in India

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If you are open up to listen the quarrels, loud voices, chit chats, giggling’s, singing nodes, bitching talks, and tough words, then you are definitely in a place called Girl’s Hostel that has welcomed all birds from different corners of the world to live under one roof and to behave like this on every single day. Even, thinking for a while to stay in a place like this, can raise your goosebumps. But, it is also true that no Hostel or PG is complete without having them. These arrogant, selfish, caring, emotional and silly roommates in a Hostel or PG accommodation create several crazy stories while having fun with each other.

Hostel or PG is the only place which unites different type of roomies all together with an amazing bond of care and affection. Here, we have mentioned some crazy characters that can be easily discovered in every Hostel or PG accommodation in India.

1) Lazy One (Indolent Roomies): What you can expect from a lazy roomie, who even find waking up the hardest task of the day. Joining her as a room partner can often raise your BP because you are the sole person to do all things like cooking, cleaning, dishwashing and tidiness. What she can do is “order and eat”, meanwhile repeat the same. Asking them to collect fresh veggies from the market or milk and eateries from the booth can totally be a waste of time.

2) Fitness Comes First: If you have shared the rental place with the Fitness lady, that assuredly you will get motivated and find the positive spirit all around. Her strict routine from early wake ups to follow diet chart, maintaining health to take a proper bed rest and yoga practice to avoiding fast/oily and unhealthy food, can be a little annoying thing but who cares the back evils when your body is only the treasure you have. Feel lucky if you have her to guide and encourage you for the healthy soul.

3) Shop-a-holic: Some girls in a hostel are Shopping Addicts. For them, purchasing unnecessary stuff, the latest collection of accessories, denims, scarves and high heels, is the one and only weekend fun. Having her can be a trouble for you as you will find very less space to arrange your wardrobe and needy things. For the name of sales, she always prefers to buy the entire jewelry stall and makeup products. You shouldn’t be surprised to see her with lots of shopping bags during the sale season.

4) Messy One: Messy room partners are the real evils. No matter how many lecturers you have given to her about cleanliness and tidy room environment, she does not pay attention at all. What she loves to do is spreading things like books, clothes, and other things on bed, table, cupboard, and almost everywhere in the room. In all, you should get some important tips to deal with messy roomies for surviving in the room.

5) Whiny one: Though people all around the globe have become fast forwarded, but still there are some people who can cry over small issues like not getting sale offers, enough time for the family, food on time, package delivery and much more. Dealing with them while sharing living space can be a headache for you. Better to calm her with amazing life thoughts!

6) The Party Animal: Party lovers can be found in every hostel who love to enjoy every moment of life on music tones. Their feet are hard to control even in exams or at midnights. If your roomie is a party girl, then absolutely she will ring the bell to open the door at midnight or early in the morning. Their life is not normal as rest of the students in the hostel. Meanwhile, when you will be in a hurry to get ready in the morning to attend class, she will be seen, preparing her bed to have a sound sleep. Studious guys cannot deal with them for so long. They, at first sight, make their mind to shift the room or change the roommate as soon as possible.

7) Cleanliness Freak: For the Cleaning Freak roommate, everything that comes from outside is a germ container. No matter, how expertly you have told her that it is clean and hygienic to me, you and for the entire hostel, she will ask you again and again to either sanitize it properly or take it away from her. Sanitizers, tissues and cleaning materials are loaded to the fullest in her cupboards and boxes. Sometimes, it feels good to see everything of her so tidy, well arranged and systematic in the room.

8) The Sharer: Roomies having sharing deals, are quite generous ladies who are always ready to help you in tough times by offering all stuff that you need to handle. From food to sizzling, dress to jewelry, books to bags, and sleeping bed to gifts, they love to share everything with you. Living with them will not disappoint you at all. However, these type of roommates are hard to find but when it happens, it is not less than a miracle in your hostel life.

9) Great Foodie: Some roommates are such food lovers that they do not mind taking biscuits, cookies, pickle and your stored stuff from your food containers. Their food love has covered several famous restaurants, food centers, and coffee shops in the town. Hiding any tasty stuff from the great foodies can hurt their feelings a lot.

10) The Boisterous Roomies: The chatterbox roomies are simply annoying to deal with. Their loud voices and chit chats can start at any time of the day or night. Peace does not exist at all in their life. This can raise tough or ugly fights between the roommates in the hostel. So, it will be better to change your room and finding someone else to share the room.

Hostel life can be described as the real experience of your life where you have acquired a wonderful opportunity to come in touch with different people and to share sweet and sour moments with them. These fun stories will be with you throughout your life and will guide you at every tough phase of your future life!!

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