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20 Clothing Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Every woman wants to be a head turner with her clothing and style statement. Scroll down and find your personal recipe of style. Here we go:

No more bare ankles: There is a problem with boot cut and regular jeans when you wear boots as it is hard to tuck them in boots. It is hard to zip up boots and seems weird. To get rid of this problem, simply roll your jeans up and fold the extra fabric so that it sticks to the region above your ankle. Now wear socks which will cover the jeans. Now you can easily wear boots which will look classy.

Wear a perfectly fit bra and attach a strap concealer to the dress you are wearing over it: An unfit bra ruins the looks of even best of dresses. Attaching a strap concealer to the dress will prevent falling your wide neck dress off your shoulder and will keep bra strap covered under the dress.

Comfort is the most important: If you pick up dresses which don’t fit you well, you will lose all the fun. You will find yourself fixing your clothes every five minutes. In today’s busy schedule nobody has time to go to stores and try wearing plenty of dresses. Rather you can look for best deals on varieties of dresses online. Size chart is also available there so that there is no problem of ill-fitting.

Wear shoes of same color as your trouser: This combination will make your legs look longer. Also, it adds an appeal to your overall look.

Become friends with layers: You can try layering tops, shirts, t shirts, blouses etc. Adding layers of jacket with a shirt will simply make you stand apart from the crowd. Also, wearing a tank top between a sweater and button up will make you look fashionable.

Black is the key: Black color suits almost every complexion. Even if you are wearing black over black, it will look great. Every girl should have few pieces of black in her wardrobe. Whenever you are in doubt regarding the color, wear black.

V neck sweater over button up looks great: For some reasons, this is a winning combination. Wearing a V neck sweater over a button up makes you look decent and it requires very less maintenance. Very light ironing will work.

Try wearing one thing in different ways: It is a waste of money if you are buying something which you can wear only at one place. Wearing a blazer over a casual dress and pairing it with a decent handbag will be suitable for wearing at your workplace.

Show some creativity with belts: A skinny belt over a top makes you look thinner and in better shape. If you are wearing a wool coat, a sash will enhance your style statement. Knotting your belt is also a great way to add character to your outfit.

Combat boots are winning fashion: Combats are great with pants, leggings, tights, and everything else. Also, these boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

Ripped jeans over tights: It is certainly a great way to stay warm during cool winter months. Wearing ripped jeans over plain tights offer you a more casual look. You will also look prettier wearing ripped jeans this way.

Red is the secret: Red is the symbol of boldness. Matching a red sweater with ruby lips is a deadly combination. In a red outfit, you will be identified in the crowd.

Accessorize: Wearing accessories will give your outfit a personal touch. The way you wear accessories defines your personal style. Bracelet, scarf, clutches, neckpieces and earrings give you a unique appeal. Your necklace should compliment your outfit. For this, buy a necklace according to the neckline of your dress.

Take time when buying clothes: Check all the angles while buying clothes. It should be attractive as well as comfortable. Also, check clothes in normal daylight rather than artificial lights in a garment store.

Be more open about experimenting: Having only one type of clothes in your wardrobe is no fun. Girls love different dresses but think these are not for them. Give them a try, you will fall in love with them.

Don’t forget pencil skirts: Pencil skirts combined with high heels are just wow. They are excellent work wear as well.

Develop sewing skills: This will certainly avoid future embarrassments. Learning a new skill will do no harm.

A white shirt is always classy: Classy never goes out of trend. A white shirt paired with anything is a timeless fashion.

Take care of your clothes: Follow wash instructions, use quality detergent and devote some time.And, always wear a smile because you deserve to.

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