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5 Best Practices To Choose Right UI Design Colors for Your WordPress Site

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Have you ever visited those minimalistic design websites which look so simple, with the basic layout yet are still so eye catchy? Well, most of the acknowledgment goes to the colors used by these websites for a flawless UI experience just to make the website look out of the box. Our common tendency while boosting a website’s UI experience is to ignore the role of colors. Contrary to this, the colors play an active and effective part in communicating a brand message of a website. They improve the website’s structure and enhance object recognition.

Colors also have a positive effect on a user’s psychology. If you picked light colors for the navigation menu and are using bright colors for the website’s background, you’re all set to make the menu difficult to read. A study conducted by User Testing revealed that users prefer bright and dark color websites over the white interface. Further, another study was conducted by Ironpaper which concluded that the colors do increase the website recognition by whopping 80 percent!

Now that you are convinced of the importance of choosing the right UI design colors for your WordPress site, it is important that you know the ways to choose them. You cannot randomly choose a bright or dark color just because the study says so! Read more to find the right approach.

1) Keep the demographic in consideration
Demographics plays an important role in determining the right UI colors for your WordPress site. This goes without saying - while pink, red and orange colors go well with websites targeting females, using these colors for a men’s website would be a spoilsport.

You should understand the color psychology of your targeted audiences before crafting a website.

2) Make use of color theory
To better understand the impact of different colors on the psychology of the users, it is better to take help of color theory. Color theory studies the interactions of colors via contrast and vibrancy. The color wheel is an essential part of the color theory which can help you decide the right UI color for your WordPress site.

Based on the color wheel, we can classify the color schemes into three major categories:

  • Analogous scheme

Color schemes based on these colors are being inspired by nature and soothe the eyes. They are perfect to display a calm website.

  • Monochromatic scheme

This scheme uses the shades of the same color. For instance, dark green, light green, and parrot green can be used as colors of the monochromatic scheme. Such schemes go well with a photography website.

  • Triadic scheme

If you are looking to add vibrancy to your website, you should opt for the triadic scheme. Here three lead colors are used in big quantities. It is perfect to have clean aesthetics and contrast.

3) Check the contrast in your website
Adding contrast in your website UI enhances its navigation and makes objects easily recognizable. You should introduce enough contrast between front elements and background. Here are a few tips that can help you define the perfect contrast for your website:

  • Use bright colors against black to catch visitors’ attention.
  • Make use of bright and muted colors to define low and high contrast in your WordPress website design.
  • Highlight certain elements on your website by just playing with the darker and lighter shades of the same color.
  • Each color has got its own temperature. Colors like brown, gray, black and white fall into the neutral category, while blue, and green are considered as cool colors. Red, yellow and orange come into the category of warm colors. You can easily create a contrast by mixing colors of various temperatures.

4) Play with your ideas innovatively
Achieving the perfect balance with the help of colors undoubtedly takes a lot of time and practice. The best way thus is to start with just 1 or 2 colors. Mix these colors together and check what you got. The basic aim behind the whole process is to find a single color that can play as a dominant aspect in the whole theme.

5) Color tools to the rescue
It is all about hit and trial. You cannot expect it to be perfectly right on the first try. You would need to play it around. And the best way is to generate a lot of color schemes and then choose the best one among them, keeping in mind the connection that it has with your brand’s mission.

You can make use of various tools to achieve this. Catch some of them here:

  • COLOURlovers

This tool is perfect to search color pallets. You can generate color schemes using the tool PhotoCopa which COLORlovers boasts of. The tool also has a forum where you can take part in discussions about color with other experts.

  • Adobe Color CC

Also called as Adobe Kuler. This is a tool by Adobe that lets you experiment with different color schemes. The color schemes provided by this tool consist of 5 colors. You can easily make variations, compare schemes and choose the best fit accordingly.

  • Material palette

This tool comes from the house of Google. You need to choose 2 colors to start with. Once chosen, you would be given a color palette to start work.

  • Color Explorer

This is another tool that offers a wide range of features allowing you to design and customize your color palette.

In this rarely advancing era where it just takes only 2 seconds for a user to decide whether to stay or leave your website, it is really important not to leave any stone unturned to catch those eyes. And thus, why should colors be left behind especially when they can help you boost the traffic? Choose the colors properly and play around them to enhance your WordPress website UI. The main motive should be to communicate your brand’s identity clearly. If your current website falls short in this approach, this is one of the reasons to update your WordPress website.

Now that you know the basics of choosing the right UI design colors, next time you hire a professional WordPress developer, don’t forget to interrogate him about the color scheme he is going to choose!

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