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5 Habits of Engaged Employees That Get Them Promoted

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 Moving up the ladder is something that every employee wants as it implies more learning and financial opportunities. However, not every employee can work hard towards getting a promotion. Successful employees in the workplace have a different approach when it comes to building their career. They have taken the steps to maintaining their job, to the point of even delivering more than what is expected.

An engaged employee is able to attain success not because he has the right skills, but because he has developed good habits over time. These habits are the reasons why engaged employees get noticed and win every time.

1. They focus on solutions.

A solution-focused thinking is always a key ingredient to getting work done effectively. The problem with a lot of people is that they panic, avoid, and let someone else take charge when they encounter a problem they can’t handle. The truth is, a problem will always be there unless you do something about it. An employee who focuses on solutions knows that the best approach to a problem is to change the way how he deals with it rather than accept that there’s nothing that can be done.

A valuable step to changing the way you see a problem at work is to ask why it needs to be solved. Will solving a problem help your company achieve its goal? Will it help you become a better employee?

2. They exercise responsibility in their personal lives.

Employees who get promoted are often the ones who have personal duties to their family, loved ones, and goals. They have acquired the attitude of being responsible. This has shaped their personality and how they deal with everything around them, including their jobs. If you desire to be promoted at work by being more responsible, you have to understand that you need to be less of a complainer and a procrastinator. Most of all, you need to stop making excuses for late or incomplete work.

According to Suzanne Lucan of The Balance, one way to take responsibility over your career is to work on your shortcomings and stop blaming other people if errors are made.

3. They strive to be leaders.

The best employees learn to take leadership roles by being as independent as possible. Meaning, they rely less on their co-workers to keep coaching them what to do because they know they can push themselves to figure out things. This does not mean that relying on others is wrong. After all, it’s important to work as a team. However, being able to make informed, wise decisions yourself allows you to feel empowered and more confident. And when top management sees that you have ownership over your job, they’ll see you as a potential candidate for a higher position.

4. They are always punctual.

Can you think of a constantly tardy person who was given a promotion? Being late at work, showing up late at meetings, or completing an important project later than the set deadline does not make you a better employee. Tardiness only reveals that you have no regard for other people’s time. You have less respect for company rules and care less about how your co-workers and manager will feel about you.

Employees who deserve a promotion stick to their commitments. And because of this, they are often seen as reliable and trustworthy. Punctuality also reveals a lot about you as a person. It shows that you have self-discipline.

5. They maintain positive co-worker relationships.

More than anything else, it’s essential to feel good at work to be productive. Happiness can seem like a simple word but its effect on every employee is tremendous. Good feelings can be achieved by maintaining harmony in the workplace. Ask yourself: Are you making pleasant conversations with people at work including your boss? Or are you being grumpy and disrespectful at times?

Positive relationships are associated with mutual trust, honesty, open communication, and teamwork. When you place importance in these things, you become an inspiration for others to do the same.

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