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6 Must Have Spring 2016 Accessories

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Every year brings with it new fashion trends, and 2016 will be no different. People are already looking for the next new look, and a big part of that new look will be what you accessorize your outfit with. Watches, bracelets, sunglasses… there are many different accessories you’ll want for the coming year. Here are five of these accessories that will look great in 2016 and beyond due to the fact that many are timeless items that work with just about any outfit.

A Watch

Sure, many people look at their cellphones to see what time it is, but a good watch is a timeless accessory that can add a lot to your outfit while still providing a useful function. There are many different types of watches out there (there are at least as many watch brands as there are designer sunglasses), so you’re sure to find one that fits your style. Gold, silver, large, small… there are a lot of options. Just remember that while a digital watch may be easier to read, those plastic bands and brightly lit numbers aren’t exactly glamorous.

A Cool Cellphone Case

While you may wear a watch, there’s no way you’ll be leaving your cellphone behind. That’s why you should look at accessorizing it, too. There are thousands of different cellphone cases and covers out there. Why not find one that fits your style and your personality? Leaving your phone without a case isn’t just missing out on a chance to add to your outfit—if you drop your phone and it’s not protected somehow, you can crack the screen or even break it entirely! With the cost of today’s smartphones, you certainly don’t want that. Some cases are very affordable, so you can always buy a few and swap them out as you like. There are some others that can be customized in different ways, just like designer eyewear.


Keeping your eyes safe with a good pair of sunglasses is a must, but there’s no need for those sunglasses to look bland and dull. There are many different sunglass styles and designs out there, and today, even prescription sunglasses can look amazing. You can always look attractive and elegant with celebrities' endorsed sunglasses or look sporty and ready to go with sunglasses endorsed by athletes. Sunglasses, like watches, are great accessories for both men and women. While you may want to have a great pair of sunglasses for this spring, don’t forget to hang on to them for the rest of the year, even winter. The glare from the snow can be just as overpowering as the bright sunlight of the beach, so take a pair of wayfarer sunglasses with you.


The scarf is back in style, and it’s not just for winter (or for women) anymore. Designer scarves have become very popular with men, and companies make a number of these lightweight accessories that can be worn during the spring or even summer. In fact, some lightweight scarves are a great way of keeping the sunlight off your head and shoulders and can be paired nicely with avaitors sunglasses. Since scarves come in all colors and patterns, you can easily add several to your wardrobe and wear the one that best matches your current outfit.


While men have added the designer scarf to their wardrobe, more and more women are trying out the tie. This year looks to be the spring of neckties for women since designers such as Gucci have added them to their lines. While the traditional necktie will never go out of fashion for men, more and more guys are trying out the bowtie. A style you usually only see on older gentlemen, more young men (especially those who identify as hipsters) are putting aside the necktie for the bowtie. Women, of course, can pull this look off, too. For a less formal look, you can wear an untied tie or bowtie around your neck like a type of scarf or necklace.


Belts do more than just hold your pants up. In fact, many people wear belts that are purely decorative. A belt can be a very versatile fashion accessory: it can add a bit of style to a suit or it can be that splash of color on a dark dress. There are many different designs for men and women out there that range from formal to fun. Wide belts can be added to dresses or blouses on women, while men will find belts with metal accessories or designs on them.


It may not technically be spring yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking for your perfect sunglasses style or that belt that will make your favorite outfit pop. Whether you accessorize with a cellphone case, new optical glasses, or a tie, it’s in style this spring.

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