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7 New Motivational Ideas to Rock Start Your New Year

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Shortly after New Year’s, everyone usually feels pretty motivated and ready to start the year anew. You might generally have a good outlook on the year, or you might have a new list of New Year's resolutions ready to tackle for self-improvement and self-satisfaction. Unfortunately, sometimes within only a week or two, that motivation begins to falter and your New Year's resolutions are forgotten one by one. The key to preventing this is learning how to stay motivated, and there are several ways in which you can successfully do this without struggling too hard to force yourself to stick to your goals.

Sometimes simply remembering why you have certain goals may be enough, but more often than not, you need a little something extra than simple common sense to make yourself stick to your goals and achieve what you intended. This can be anything from visual imagery to reinforce your goals, to motivational speakers that really help you achieve long lasting focus and commitment. Use some or all of the tips below, and you should have no problem staying completely motivated throughout the year. They have worked for many, who choose to practice them even after completing their resolutions.

1. Use Visual Imagery
It can be difficult to remind yourself throughout the day about your goals, as there are many distractions that can cause you to waver and skip a visit to the gym or eat more than you should. But by placing visual images in areas where you are sure to see them, you'll be able to consistently reinforce your mind with what you are trying to achieve. For example, if your goal is to save enough money for a down payment on a car or a house, then posting pictures of your desired car or house around your home or in your wallet will help you to remember to stick to your plan.

2. Reminder Notes
Your resolution may have certain steps you need to adhere to each day, such as first eating a particular breakfast, taking a vitamin supplement, going to the gym, followed by a walk in the evening. If you need to follow such a regimen based on your own particular goals, then placing notes around the home in a similar fashion to placing images will also keep you on course, and crossing off the steps as you complete them offers you a sense of self-satisfaction each day that further serves to increase your motivation to do the same each day.

3. Stay Positive
We all get down on ourselves sometimes, and that can be a real motivation killer. To combat this, you need to consistently reinforce your positive image of yourself. To do this, you must try to think of and write down a positive compliment about yourself each day, without repeating them. In addition to increasing your motivation, this exercise also serves to improve your own self-worth.

4. Find a Motivational Partner
If you have a friend that always seems to be positive and helps you when you are feeling down, then make sure to continually engage with this person so that they can help keep you on track. Additionally, you may provide them with instructions that they are to keep you steadfast on your path to improvement, and to scold you if you begin to stray.

5. Attend Conferences by Motivational Speakers
Motivational speakers can do wonderful things for your own self-esteem, and sometimes following their advice can often lead to important and positive changes in your life. You may seek out motivational speakers that may be appearing in your area, or you can subscribe to webcasts or purchase books and CDs by those who might most be able to help you achieve your goals or improve your life in the manner you seek. Take the time to research various different speakers so that you can choose the best one to see or listen to. Additionally, don't be discouraged if one motivational speaker doesn't quite help you—they all have different methods and advice, and where one doesn't quite work for you, another one might tap directly into what you need to really feel motivated and make the necessary changes for a more positive and fulfilling life.

6. Get Help From a Motivational Coach
Like motivational speakers, a motivational coach can be a great help in your efforts, and will continue to work for you as long as you need. As your motivational coach gets to know you better, they will be better able to guide you properly and fulfill you with the advice you need to grow your motivation and stay on a positive path. Your motivational coach can be a good friend, or you can find one in your area that may be able to work with you.

There are of course other tips and tricks available that may also help you to stay motivated, but the ones listed above have been proven to be some of the best, having worked for many. When starting your own goals and resolutions, you may try some of the easier and simple tips that were mentioned such as the imagery and notes, and then you may move on to additional measures, such as seeking out conferences by motivational speakers to add a big boost to your own motivation.

7. Take Before and After Pictures
Take a picture of yourself before beginning your tasks to complete your goals and New Year's resolutions. Then, take others periodically as you continue to complete your tasks and begin to complete your goals. You will no doubt notice an improvement in how you look as the satisfaction that comes from achieving your goals is clearly written on your face.

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