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7 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Need to Outsource For Success

Thu, Mar. 31, 2016 Posted: 05:54 AM

Outsourcing certain tasks is a great way for businesses to allow the time to take care of critical time consuming tasks, while still managing to increase productivity and decrease expenditures. Technology related tasks are generally the most lucrative to outsource in that passing off the responsibility to complete such tasks allows for the business owner to focus their time on more profitable areas of business. That means, instead of being stuck trying to figure out how to build a decent website, you could instead be focusing on sales team improvements, cultivating marketing strategies, refining customer service skills and so much more.

That being said, not every area of business is ideal to outsource to another party, for in doing so you could very well hinder your business’s productivity and therefore decrease profits. For your convenience, here are 7 technology related tasks that businesses should outsource in order to boost productivity, sales and promote success.

Outsourcing equipment such as servers, network systems and hardware can ultimately save businesses billions of dollars in maintenance, labor and other costs. This is referred to as infrastructure as a service or IaaS. The act of constructing an infrastructure for a business is neither easy nor is it cheap. It requires heavy funding for purchasing equipment and housing, as well as serious maintenance support by way of highly experienced and skilled IT staff. When a company decides to outsource IaaS, they are making huge cuts in their budgets. This is true because the infrastructure service provider will provide their own equipment and the responsibility of maintenance and troubleshooting becomes their responsibility. As a business owner, you therefore have no worries with regards to your infrastructure, except that you pay on a peruse subscription basis.

Cloud Services
Cloud PBX systems for small businessesallow the company to gain access to critical information anytime, from anywhere, using any internet compatible device. By outsourcing these cloud based technology services, small businesses are able to focus on what the cloud has to offer them, rather than maintain the cloud, which would be necessary if they were hosting an in-house cloud system. Outsourcing these cloud services gives businesses the opportunity to bypass intrinsic security risks and time-consuming maintenance requirements that come with hosting their own in-house system. These cloud services therefore allow businesses to stay competitive by maintaining financial independence through decreased infrastructure and maintenance costs, increased productivity and therefore increased profits.

Designing Your E-Commerce Site
Not every business owner harbors the ability to design a successful website and that is okay. Let the experts practice the tricks of their trade. The last thing that you want to do as a business owner is attempting to build and design your own e-commerce site, only craft up something that is neither effective nor productive. That is a waste of valuable time and resources that in the name of the game could have been converted to cash. Your ultimate goal should be to have an e-commerce site that works well. One that allows your customers to browse pleasantly, smoothly and proficiently. An issue that keeps your customers from enjoying their browsing experience or purchasing a product when they desire to do so, is an issue that translates to large amounts of lost income. Consider not only the customer lost that was not able to purchase upon request, but also those potential customers that might now negatively learn about your business via word of mouth.

Outsourcing a cybersecurity provider in addition to your IT service provider is a good idea because there is no way that one single company has the capability of 100 percent safeguarding your data. You are better off taking a chance on being extra-protected. Internet security is not a specialty of IT service providers, their job is to sell you IT services. Therefore, outsourcing an expert such as a cybersecurity specialist will provide your business with the trusted expertise of a professional, whose job is to anticipate and mitigate cyber threats. This step in, outsourcing can only add an extra layer of protection that in the long run can save you big.

Website Updates
In addition to designing and building your business’ website, another area in which you should consider outsourcing the help of a specialist is website updates. It may seem easy to keep up to date with your company site, but a lot can go wrong and if you are not trained to handle such issues than your customer experience and therefore viewership, will likely suffer.

QA Testing
QA testing might not be the most glamorous of jobs, but it is a critical part of ensuring that everything works as it should. It takes a lot of time to test products and apps. Outsourcing the help of a third party to help ensure that all of your company’s products and apps are as good as they can be, is a very effective and efficient way to improve customer experience and not burn out your product developers.

Automate Your Tasks
Before you branch out and hire a new employee to fill a role for a task that has proven to be more tedious than you anticipated, ask yourself “Can this be automated?” Tedious tasks are not a productive use of your time and it is not a productive use of your resources to hire an in-house employee to take on the role, if the task can be automated. If and only if, it cannot be automated, then it can be delegated.
When your business is in the startup phase it might make sense to keep all tedious tasks in-house – after all, it is likely that your cash flow is not all that stable as of yet. That means that you are most likely better off spending your time completing the tasks than attempting to scrape together the funds to pay outsourced professionals. However, as your business grows and profits stabilize, it becomes increasingly more important that you consider outsourcing tasks that take away from your productivity, where it can be used to turn profits.

If you are aware of other technology related tasks that business professionals should consider outsourcing, then please share. We would love to hear from you!

Joy Mali