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7 Ways That E-cigs Make Life Easier Than Smoking

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Are you finding it hard to quit smoking, or are simply not ready for it? Fret no more! E-cigarettes are sure to make your life easier. Vaping not only helps you in keeping away from smoking but also blesses you with a ton of benefits that you couldn't have enjoyed with smoking a cigarette. Hence, keeping aside the fact that there are clear health benefits of using E-cigarettes when compared to combustible cigarettes, here are a few aspects about the PV or the Personal Vaporizers which make your life real simple than smoking!

This might come across as trivial to a few people but E-cigarettes can remove plenty of hassles that are generally connected with smoking. If you are still smoking, go through these pointers and know how vaping is better than smoking and get back all those things in your life you haven't even realized that you are missing!

1) So many varieties and flavours to choose from
Embrace yourself; now you no longer need to satisfy your taste buds with normal flavours. E-cigarettes bring before you an assortment of e-liquids to choose from. From ice-methanol to coke, ice blueberry, strawberry, and cappuccino – you name it and e-liquid would have it!
That’s not it. You can explore an array of styles and colours in e-cigarettes. There are e-cigarettte which look exactly like a cigarette as far as size, shape and colour are concerned. There are others which look like cell phones, pipes or ballpoint pens. Choose the one that defines your personality!

2) You wouldn't require an ashtray
It is a great deal that you can put your personal vape pens down wherever you want without having to worry about the E-cigarette burning a hole on something. However, smokers are very well aware of the fact that they cannot put down their cigarette just like that on anything and not think about it if they haven't butted it out or have not made sure that the cigarette is still on.

3) There is no lending it out or giving it away
If you have been a smoker for a long time, you are quite aware that eventually some person is going to come to you somewhere and ask you if you have got an extra smoke or if you have got a lighter. But, when people come to you when you are vaping, they are pretty sure you would not be having an extra smoke as you are not involved in smoking. And as far as the lighter is concerned, they would see that you are puffing without actually lighting your E-cigarette manually.
There will be times when people see you blowing the vapour out but would not observe the E-cigarette in your hand and they would walk up to you and ask for an extra cigarette. But they would be taken aback if you show them the E-cigarette in your hand and be like, "I do not smoke!"

4) Life is simple if you choose to vape in the house
If at all you are used to smoking in your apartment, you know very well that you must have to go through an elaborate cleaning process every time some guests come over to your place. In such cases, you would have to smoke in your bathroom with the exhaust fan on or get to the rear side of the apartment and smoke with an open window. And if any of your family members turns out to be strict about you smoking, you'd have to go outside. But with the E-cigarettes in the market, not only can you vape in your house but you can also vape at work or anywhere you like. Even your family would not have strict rules about not smoking indoors. If you resort to vaping, it is a win-win situation for all!

5) Burning down the home? Nope
There is absolutely no need for you to worry about dozing off to sleep and burning the whole house down. How often have the smokers been warned that they must not be smoking while in bed? How many mishaps and horror stories have occurred while people fall asleep on a sofa or in a bed with a cigarette that is lit? Yes, we have all read about it, and it is really saddening to know such things happen out of mere carelessness. Lives have been lost!
However, such is not the case when it comes to vaping. You can fall asleep while using your computer or while watching TV, and if you happen to drop your E-cigarette, it is not a big deal. Grab it again when you are awake the next morning!

6) You can support smokers to convert into vapers
Since plenty of restaurants and stores still don't let us vape inside, we vapers would still have to do with the smoker's area that is outside the place. But it is also a good opportunity to convert the smokers into vapers. Imagine this! You are waiting outside a restaurant and you pull out the PV from your pocket and begin puffing. A person would come out of the restaurant and start smoking after lighting up the cigarette. If at all the person comes up with a question as to if the E-cigarettes really work, which we're sure they would, you can talk to them about all possible advantages of using an E-cigarette over smokes. You never know! You might have just converted a smoker into a vaper!

7) No waste!
If observed, we will always come across a smoker who has got a broken cigarette, a cigarette box dropped in water, or a crushed pack of cigarettes. This is certainly a waste of your money as you cannot fix those cigarettes once they are broken, butted out or wet. However, this is not the case with an E-cigarette. They would not break into half unless you take the E-cigarette apart to clean it or change the cartridges. There would not be any soft packs that you can crush or you need not butt the E-cigarette out. If you are outdoors catching a puff and are summoned back inside to attend a meeting, you can just put the E-cigarette in the pocket and use later. Those pockets wouldn't have burnt holes either! Hence, the personal vaporizers can ease your life and save loads of money of yours. You would not be replacing the outfits you love just because there are burnt holes in them!

At the end of the day, e-cigarettes surely outweigh the regular cigarettes as far as benefits are concerned. From being healthy to providing an assortment of e-liquid flavours, ease of smoking and simplicity that they come along with, e-cigs are definitely a lot more fun! What’re you waiting for? You should immediately consider buying electronic cigarettes. Explore and have fun!

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