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Joy Mali

Joy Mali is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics.

Posted 11/1/17 at 2:45 AM | Joy Mali

5 Best Social-Media Security Tips to Protect Your Business

Social media has become one of the most invaluable tools for marketing, especially for small businesses that don’t have a large marketing budget. While using social media can certainly help you get ahead and compete with larger companies, it does have its drawbacks. Few social media sites truly provide the security you need. This can leave you open to hackers and other attacks, and these attacks can reach beyond your social media site and into your secure data. Securing social media has to become one of your top priorities. Unfortunately, many businesses haven’t even realized the danger these sites can pose. If you’re using social media at all, you need to make sure you’re using these five tools to protect your business.

1. Use Intrusion Detection System

Many people know about open intrusion detection system for networks and computers, but did you know they’re also available for mobile devices? Many people use their smartphones and tablets to post on social media. With some sites such as Instagram, it’s really the only way of posting. By adding an app that watches for suspicious activity and alerts you when someone accesses one of your accounts, you’ll be able to better protect your business. All employees who post to social media from a mobile device should have one of these apps. FULL POST

Posted 6/9/17 at 1:20 AM | Joy Mali

Investing with a Peaceful Heart for the Right Reasons

At first glance, the financial markets may seem like a cesspool of activity. A place where greed and corruption dominate proceedings, all in the name of profit. However, the financial markets are also a place where goodness can thrive. Many of the world’s foremost benefactors of charitable causes have been blessed with good fortune on international bourses.

Examples abound, with names like Bill and Melinda Gates and their phenomenal Gates Foundation, Warren Buffett and his extensive philanthropic networks, and countless others. Many people have put their heart and soul into building an empire and then distributing from their profits to those in need. This is the Christian way.

Making a positive change in the world around us

I’ve often wrestled with the concept of dabbling in the financial markets for personal gain. However, I do believe that the Lord above has granted each one of us the wisdom and insight needed to succeed in our daily lives. I have been researching trade ideas on the global financial bourses for quite some time, investing marginal amounts in stocks, commodities, indices, and currency pairs over the years. FULL POST

Posted 4/6/17 at 1:03 AM | Joy Mali

10 Types of Room Partners That Reside in Every Girl’s Hostel in India

If you are open up to listen the quarrels, loud voices, chit chats, giggling’s, singing nodes, bitching talks, and tough words, then you are definitely in a place called Girl’s Hostel that has welcomed all birds from different corners of the world to live under one roof and to behave like this on every single day. Even, thinking for a while to stay in a place like this, can raise your goosebumps. But, it is also true that no Hostel or PG is complete without having them. These arrogant, selfish, caring, emotional and silly roommates in a Hostel or PG accommodation create several crazy stories while having fun with each other.

Hostel or PG is the only place which unites different type of roomies all together with an amazing bond of care and affection. Here, we have mentioned some crazy characters that can be easily discovered in every Hostel or PG accommodation in India.

1) Lazy One (Indolent Roomies): What you can expect from a lazy roomie, who even find waking up the hardest task of the day. Joining her as a room partner can often raise your BP because you are the sole person to do all things like cooking, cleaning, dishwashing and tidiness. What she can do is “order and eat”, meanwhile repeat the same. Asking them to collect fresh veggies from the market or milk and eateries from the booth can totally be a waste of time. FULL POST

Posted 3/24/17 at 1:04 AM | Joy Mali

5 Habits of Engaged Employees That Get Them Promoted

 Moving up the ladder is something that every employee wants as it implies more learning and financial opportunities. However, not every employee can work hard towards getting a promotion. Successful employees in the workplace have a different approach when it comes to building their career. They have taken the steps to maintaining their job, to the point of even delivering more than what is expected.

An engaged employee is able to attain success not because he has the right skills, but because he has developed good habits over time. These habits are the reasons why engaged employees get noticed and win every time.

1. They focus on solutions.

A solution-focused thinking is always a key ingredient to getting work done effectively. The problem with a lot of people is that they panic, avoid, and let someone else take charge when they encounter a problem they can’t handle. The truth is, a problem will always be there unless you do something about it. An employee who focuses on solutions knows that the best approach to a problem is to change the way how he deals with it rather than accept that there’s nothing that can be done. FULL POST

Posted 2/15/17 at 7:43 AM | Joy Mali

10 Cool Travel Gadgets A Travel Freak Can’t Go Without

Traveling is always fun! But, what if we say that you can really add to your traveling experience with the smart use of some out-of-the-box and cool gadgets? Yes, these smart tools would definitely change the way you travel, all due to the smart usage of technology which adds extra convenience wherever you go.

Without beating around the bush, let’s have a quick look on a few cool travel gadgets we’re already drooling upon!

1. A cute and mini travel steam iron
Are you one of those who would never step out of their home without perfectly ironed clothes? Then, why adjust with this habit while traveling? Look picture perfect with the world’s smallest travel steam iron which is not only very easy and handy to carry wherever you travel, but also provides wrinkle-free clothes on the go!

This travel steam iron is very compact in size and is mainly intended to take along while traveling. It has a 420-watt motor and three heating levels. Compare its size with the mouse of a computer which makes it an excellent pick to pack in your travel bag. Sounds cool, no?

Posted 1/18/17 at 7:32 AM | Joy Mali

How to Retain Employees in Today’s World

To run a successful business, you have to do more than hire great people, you have to give those people a reason to stay with you. Otherwise, you’re making an investment in employees that you get little return on. Some of these employees just want a year or so of experience before they move on to other jobs. Others find that your company just isn’t a good fit for them. There are a number of different techniques you can use to improve your employee retention and, at the same time, boost employee morale and productivity. Here are a few of these strategies.

Hire the Right People

Does the person you’re interviewing for a job seem excited about your company? If so, he or she may be a great fit and stay with your business for years. However, if you notice that someone has a resume full of different jobs, it could be a sign that the person likes to switch jobs fairly regularly. Those who have little or no experience may also leave after a few years. By hiring people who mesh well with your company philosophy and fit in with your team, you’ll be hiring someone who will feel comfortable staying with your company for years. FULL POST

Posted 11/4/16 at 7:40 AM | Joy Mali

5 Best Practices To Choose Right UI Design Colors for Your WordPress Site

Have you ever visited those minimalistic design websites which look so simple, with the basic layout yet are still so eye catchy? Well, most of the acknowledgment goes to the colors used by these websites for a flawless UI experience just to make the website look out of the box. Our common tendency while boosting a website’s UI experience is to ignore the role of colors. Contrary to this, the colors play an active and effective part in communicating a brand message of a website. They improve the website’s structure and enhance object recognition.

Colors also have a positive effect on a user’s psychology. If you picked light colors for the navigation menu and are using bright colors for the website’s background, you’re all set to make the menu difficult to read. A study conducted by User Testing revealed that users prefer bright and dark color websites over the white interface. Further, another study was conducted by Ironpaper which concluded that the colors do increase the website recognition by whopping 80 percent! FULL POST

Posted 7/6/16 at 3:48 AM | Joy Mali

Motivation Or Discipline: Which One's More Essential

You look at successful people and you wonder how they did it. You hear the stories about the successful man or woman who grew up with nothing and somehow managed to end up a millionaire. You see the successful restaurateur who parlayed a food cart into a chain of restaurants and you wonder how it was done. You hear that anyone can make something of themselves if they just try. But trying isn’t all of it, is it? These successful people must have something more and they do, but it isn’t something you don’t have, it’s something they developed.


One thing successful people have is motivation. They have something that causes them to act. It could be simply refusing to live in poverty forever. It could be that they want their parents to be proud of them or they wanted to be the first in their family to own a business or become the head of a company. Just like the children that are the first in their family to graduate from high school or college, people that are successful started out with a goal or a vision. There was something in their lives that was missing or that made them unhappy or discontented and they sought to change it. FULL POST

Posted 7/2/16 at 6:50 AM | Joy Mali

Five Smart Ways to Cope with Debt-Laden Stress

If you’re in debt, it is only obvious that you would be looking for a ray of hope that can help you to cope with it. We’re here to provide you a glimmer that you have been looking for a while.

Debt-laden stress can be very challenging as it does not fade away so simply, until and unless the debts are paid off. The massive amount of stress a person goes through, due to the debt problems can take a huge toll on one’s mental and physical health.

Bottling up your tensions or contemplating on them on your own has never been a good option for coping with debt-laden stress. There are few smart ways to cope with debt-laden stress and five of the most obvious ones are listed below:

1) Realize the worth of money & stop spending recklessly

Gone are those days when you didn’t even think twice about the price tag before buying that lovely Steve Madden beige pump or the Armani jeans. When you are in debt, learn to curtail your expenses or rather it would be better to say, stop spending recklessly. Until you save yourself from the debt situation, it would be much appreciable to spend on necessities instead of mere extravagant, unimportant assets. You need to realize how vital it is to have enough liquid cash at hand for day to day expenses. Set a plan in your mind which could keep you going for the rest of the month without any shortage. Use a certain portion of your monthly remuneration to pay off the debt gradually. There is no other way out from this debt-laden stress. FULL POST

Posted 6/30/16 at 5:29 AM | Joy Mali

7 Ways That E-cigs Make Life Easier Than Smoking

Are you finding it hard to quit smoking, or are simply not ready for it? Fret no more! E-cigarettes are sure to make your life easier. Vaping not only helps you in keeping away from smoking but also blesses you with a ton of benefits that you couldn't have enjoyed with smoking a cigarette. Hence, keeping aside the fact that there are clear health benefits of using E-cigarettes when compared to combustible cigarettes, here are a few aspects about the PV or the Personal Vaporizers which make your life real simple than smoking!

This might come across as trivial to a few people but E-cigarettes can remove plenty of hassles that are generally connected with smoking. If you are still smoking, go through these pointers and know how vaping is better than smoking and get back all those things in your life you haven't even realized that you are missing!

1) So many varieties and flavours to choose from
Embrace yourself; now you no longer need to satisfy your taste buds with normal flavours. E-cigarettes bring before you an assortment of e-liquids to choose from. From ice-methanol to coke, ice blueberry, strawberry, and cappuccino – you name it and e-liquid would have it!
That’s not it. You can explore an array of styles and colours in e-cigarettes. There are e-cigarettte which look exactly like a cigarette as far as size, shape and colour are concerned. There are others which look like cell phones, pipes or ballpoint pens. Choose the one that defines your personality! FULL POST

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