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Investing with a Peaceful Heart for the Right Reasons

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At first glance, the financial markets may seem like a cesspool of activity. A place where greed and corruption dominate proceedings, all in the name of profit. However, the financial markets are also a place where goodness can thrive. Many of the world’s foremost benefactors of charitable causes have been blessed with good fortune on international bourses.

Examples abound, with names like Bill and Melinda Gates and their phenomenal Gates Foundation, Warren Buffett and his extensive philanthropic networks, and countless others. Many people have put their heart and soul into building an empire and then distributing from their profits to those in need. This is the Christian way.

Making a positive change in the world around us

I’ve often wrestled with the concept of dabbling in the financial markets for personal gain. However, I do believe that the Lord above has granted each one of us the wisdom and insight needed to succeed in our daily lives. I have been researching trade ideas on the global financial bourses for quite some time, investing marginal amounts in stocks, commodities, indices, and currency pairs over the years.

I’ve learned that it is worthwhile putting knowledge to good use. And I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share the fruits of my labour with those in need. I realize that many fellow traders are expressly focused on one goal: profit. There is nothing inherently evil about profit, provided it is pursued with a pure heart. When we unleash the 7 deadly sins within us, we become ruthless in our single-minded approach.

I truly believe that Christianity has shaped me into the person I am today. I believe in virtues, kindness and helping my fellow man. Is there a universal truth about money and the pursuit of it? Perhaps this philosophical question is best left unanswered. I prefer to think of money as a means to an end – not a good or a bad, but a necessity. It facilitates the flow of goods and services, helps those in need, and greases the wheels to make things happen. Like anything in life, its applications can have positive repercussions.

How to start investing with a pure heart?

Well, truth be told I began as a neophyte. I knew not what I was doing when I started investing money in international markets. I’ve seen many examples of institutional brokers but they didn’t interest me. That cutthroat capitalism and the distance between the trader and the broker did not appeal to me.

I prefer a more personalized option where I have greater control over what I trade, when I trade, and how I trade. To this end, I consulted with a friend of mine who happens to be involved in profitable CFD Trading options. Unlike conventional investments, contracts for difference are actually derivative instruments.

A derivative financial instrument is one which does not require you to physically purchase the underlying asset. In my case I chose to stick with stocks and currencies, since I understand them best. I’m also responsible in the way that I trade stocks. I research companies that are eco-friendly, progressive, and profitable. I wish to support the good work of those CEOs and founders.

I believe that each of us can make a difference and that good begets good in this world. By trading CFDs, you don’t need to necessarily wait for your asset to appreciate. You simply wait for the price of the underlying asset to move in your forecast direction. So, in the case of a stock, you would place a call option if you’re bullish. If you’re feeling bearish, you could place a put option.

And that’s as easy as it is to get involved in the financial markets. I don’t think that institutional brokers are the best place for anyone to get started. Perhaps you can include that in your financial portfolio at a later stage. Regardless, it’s important to give back when you succeed because it truly will be appreciated.

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