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Look like a Celebrity with These Designer Sunglasses

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If you long to look like some of your favorite celebrities, you have to do what they do and wear what they wear. While we all might not be able to dig as deep as the celebrities do, paying those hefty price tags for one item, there are many look-alike designer glasses that are great quality and have the same look as the celebrities on the red carpet, but at a fraction of the price. Here are some of the celebrity favorite styles that you should try today to help you feel like you look like your favorite star.

Get Embellished

Embellishing is the name of the game today and the celebrities know just how to do it. They are no longer just embellishing their clothing – they do it to their glasses too! The bigger the better is what they say! Whether you grab a pair of fashionable glasses adorned with rhinestones, flowers, or those that have dramatic cat eye shapes, you can make a statement with these glasses all on their own. If you want to get really crazy, get oversized glasses with embellishments and you will make a statement with your glasses alone.

Go Pink

Pink lenses may be retro, but they are hot today. The translucent lenses are not only beautiful, they protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVA rays the sun blares down on your eyes. You can find a large number of designer eyeglasses with pink lenses to help give you choices on the type of sunglasses that suit you best.

Go Basic

Believe it or not, celebrities do not always get elaborate – they each have several pairs of basic oval sunglasses that go with anything. That little black dress, your favorite jeans, or your favorite boating outfit will all look spectacular with a pair of oval fashion glasses for women. You can choose the color – whether you want to keep it standard and wear black or brown, or you want to get a little crazy with bold colored sunglasses that help to keep you trendy.

Grab a Mirror

Mirrored lenses came and went, but are back again. Brad Pitt was seen wearing them in an aviator shade, while Jessica Alba wears them in a traditional round frame. It does not matter the style frame you prefer, as everyone has a different face shape, what matters is the mirrored lens that you can choose in a variety of colors including pink, green, blue, and yellow.

Show your Love for Tortoiseshell

Tortoiseshell is another trend that came and went, yet is back again. They are most popular in the traditional square shape, but men and women wear these sunglasses in a variety of shapes and styles. They are great for a classic, yet sophisticated look on just about anyone.

Aviators Still Fly High

The celebrities still love aviator sunglasses, and so should you! This easy to wear style looks good on just about everyone. In fact, it is one eyewear style adapted by famous rock stars. Tom Cruise may have started the trend in Top Gun, but it is still going strong today in everyone from actors to rock stars!

Get Nerdy

The “nerd” look is still in, even though the trend started back with Buddy Holly. Get your horn rimmed glasses in plastic or your desired material and rock this look! You can even take the style a step further and combine two trends into one pair of sunglasses – horn rimmed tortoiseshell glasses give you the best of both worlds, making you look just like your favorite star.

Go White

White frames made a comeback, despite their 80’s connotations. They are a great choice to blend well with any outfit or to help your sunglasses stand out amongst a colored outfit. Choose your white sunglasses in oversized round shapes and you will have two trends in one, making people do a double take when you walk down the street, wondering just which celebrity just passed them by a few seconds ago.

If you are ready to find the perfect pair of shades that will make you look like Tom Cruise or Jessica Alba, browse through the huge selection of designer sunglasses to see what works for you. The trends may come and go, but the celebrities know what is hot. Follow their style and you are sure to make waves as you walk down the street. Remember, that designer prescription sunglasses or regular sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyesight as well as your skin. The sun does a lot of damage to your health; why not protect yourself in the most fashionable way possible? The celebs did the hard work for you – they show you what works and what does not; you just have to find the pair that is right for you now!

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