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Watching Hola!TV is a Welcome Break from Summertime Blues

Wed, Jul. 15, 2015 Posted: 05:33 AM

When the weather outside heats up in July, one sure way to beat the heat is to watch a movie in an air-conditioned theater. Or, if nothing at the local theater interests you, you can always watch TV online in the comfort of your own home. Television and the internet can bring many hours of sizzling programs right into your home, day or night. There is no waiting in line, no sold-out shows, and no hassles with trying to find a place to park. Just turn on your monitor, grab a cool drink, and enjoy all of the popular shows to watch on Hola! TV.

If You Like Hola! Magazine, You Will Love Hola!TV

Hola! was founded in Spain more than 70 years ago, and it maintains its headquarters in Madrid. But the growth of the brand has extended to both sides of the Atlantic, and Hola! is now published in Argentina, Mexico, and even Canada! Between the original Spanish publication and its sister publications, the circulation of Hola! is roughly a million copies a week. With so much history to draw on, it is not surprising that Hola!TV was launched, to bring the excitement and the glamour of the print version into homes far and wide.

For all of the long history of Hola! in print, the television version of it is remarkably new. In fact, the channel itself launched in the U.S. on May 1 of 2014. This came only six months after it was first launched in Latin America. In just over a year, Hola!TV has realized the vision of its CEO, Ignacio Sanz de Acedo, who saw his programming as an important and respected source of information for both the U.S. and Latin American audience. The name Hola! represents authenticity, and people have come to rely on that brand for news that can be depended on.

Hola!TV Brings Their Programming to You, Everywhere You Are

Television is an industry that has changed and evolved in many ways over the decades. From limited programming in black-and-white, to color programming around the clock, the entertainment possibilities of TV have continued to expand. Now, no matter what time of the day or night you find yourself in front of the television, wanting something to entertain you, there is that option! And just like the wireless remote control once did, today streaming devices, tablets, and smartphones offer endless possibilities to take entertainment with you wherever you go.

Cable TV has broadened the world of television programming immensely, but there is a downside to it, too. The cable itself acts like a tether, keeping you bound to wherever the big flat screen is located. It is no wonder that watching TV on devices increased in the past few years, as digital and wireless capabilities came along. Now you are able to go about your day, as you normally would, without missing a moment of the shows that keep you coming back for more.

On a hot summer’s day, there is nothing wrong with being inside! But when you want to get out, why should the entertainment you want be left behind? With Hola!TV and wireless streaming, it does not have to be this way at all! Now you can see the shows that you want, wherever you are! Travel to and from work, sit out on the beach, or sun bathe by the poolside, all while watching your favorites from Hola!TV.

Enjoy Some Hot Celebs On Hola!TV Coming This Summer

Are you one to enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of the world’s royals? Hola!TV is bringing you intimate views into the lives of many of them. You can see Prince Harry in the South Pole, watch Prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima exchange their wedding vows, or even watch how the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, plans to restart her writing career! Are you more into watching celebrities instead of royals? Then maybe you should tune in when Hola!TV brings about our specials on the likes of Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Victoria Beckham, and even Enrique Iglesias. There will be specials on musical icons Shakira and Raphael, and even actresses Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lawrence. All of the hot celebs that you have been wanting to know more about, are about to become a large part of Hola!TV.

Don’t Miss Out with Hola!TV

Hola!TV has assembled an intriguing and very entertaining lineup of shows and personalities. This summer, there are so many stars to be seen, both up in the sky and on the nearest screen! From cooking to fashion, and traveling to exotic locations, there is something on Hola!TV for everyone. The heat of the summer is the perfect time to discover what Hola!TV is all about. Plus, with you being able to take it with you, no matter where your summer plans take you, you will never miss out on another show or television special again!

Summer is the most exciting time of the year. We can see our friends, enjoy the company of loved ones, have barbecues, and enjoy life at a different pace than the other seasons. The possibilities of summer may seem endless, but the days themselves are not. Enjoy the spare moments more, by watching programming that brings a smile to your face, and brings information you can rely on, into your life. Now is the right time for enjoyment, and the programming of Hola!TV can be an important part of what makes summer so great. Tell us what you think about Hola!TV and all of the special programs it brings. Do you have a favorite show?

Joy Mali