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Biru Singh

Biru Singh is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist.

Posted 9/4/17 at 5:21 AM | Biru Singh

What Is the Best Fitness Regime for Your Weight Loss Quest?

Let’s face the truth. There is no surefire ‘one-for-all’ recipe for weight loss, for every other person has a different set of metabolism, eating habits and lifestyle. However, one fact where all of us may converge upon is – diet and exercise are the two most crucial pillars for weight loss and healthy life.

You might have gone through the bitter experience when you zealously started off weight loss program but only got disappointment in return. This is not an uncommon situation when people begin with a bang but soon get back all of their fat right where it was. The fact is despite a significant global growth of weight-loss industry, people even after splurging tons of money are still finding themselves overweight.

So, what is it that stops the needle of your weight machine to buzz? We need to first understand that there many factors at work here. Biology, environment, lifestyle, genetics, and metabolism create a complex situation that deters you to bring down your weight.

We, therefore, have compiled some of the best practices that create a powerful fitness regime for your weight loss.

1. Incorporate a rigorous workout plan

An effective workout plan is very important to start your day. Make sure that your fat burning process should begin with low-intensity aerobics to avoid undue stress. A rigorous training exercise with heavier weights needs to be introduced afterwards. You need to stick to this plan daily because dieting alone is not going to help you in any manner. A usual routine without using a heavy dose of workouts is what will keep you motivated for a longer duration. FULL POST

Posted 6/14/17 at 4:26 AM | Biru Singh

How Positive Parenting Helps Children Learn Through Online Games

When it comes to kids, playing and learning go hand in hand. Be it traditional outdoor games or a modern version of indoor games – Play Station, Xbox etc. – children tend to enjoy and educate more than adults do. However, if they are allowed a free run without a necessary restraint, the results could be counter-productive for both the kids and their parents. This is where a positive parenting comes into the picture. It is an effective way which ensures that your children are also learning while having fun without being carried away too far.

Today, with the advent of advanced computing technology, the World Wide Web is replete with thousands of online games and it is increasingly becoming difficult for you to keep a tab on your kids’ choices. These games have understandably become a normal part of modern childhood. However, if children are guided and taught properly by their parents, these video games could pretty well turn out to be a potent tool for developing certain life skills in them. For example, there is a wide range of age-specific games that help your children use their creativity, be innovative, achieve goals, develop a sense of responsibility, and gather a lot of important information. FULL POST

Posted 6/1/17 at 12:01 PM | Biru Singh

How to Plan a Comfortable Road Trip to Europe on Your Car

When you hear people saying Europe is wonderful, you must have felt a compelling need to visit the continent for yourself. A paradise for travelers, Europe has been attracting people from all over the world for a long, long time. This amazing continent remains at the forefront of a dream destination for most of us.

Europe is known not just for its awe-inspiring natural beauty, but it also has deep historical musings and roots that simply pull us towards it. Its astounding architecture, sun-soaked sandy beaches, cathedrals, ancient remains, snow-laden mountains, teensy towns & villages, and historical marvels are enough to make it a hottest tourist destination.

If you want to make your Euro trip even more exciting, exploring the continent on a car is simply amazing. Whether you are going to hire a premium car service for a comfortable trip or you are going there on your own car, you will need a careful planning before making a life-long memorable trip.

Here are some of the important tips for a comfortable road trip to Europe:

1. Ensure That The Car Is Well Prepared

It is the first and primary requirement on your part to make sure that your car is fully prepared and ready to embark on this epic journey. In days leading up to this fun adventure, check the condition of your car. It is important that its safety features are working properly so that it won’t break down in the middle and you have nowhere to go. You have to check whether it is fuel efficient and the necessary maintenance has been done or not. Change the engine oil and check your car tires are well within the limit of their wear and tear. Your car battery should be in a perfect condition and its headlights are in proper condition. It is possible that you might travel during night as well. FULL POST

Posted 1/25/17 at 2:11 PM | Biru Singh

The Formidable Online Fighting Games You Should Look Out for In 2017

Embark on a journey of never ending excitement and fun when 2017 is already here. The online fighting games have successfully carved out a community of passionate gamers in recent times. With enhanced graphics and better gaming consoles, the contemporary video games are proving to be the hot flavor these days. These developments in the online gaming domain have led to a sharp upsurge in terms of demands from the gamers. As a result of this the gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry around the world.

As far as 2017 is concerned, the gaming fanatics are not going to be disappointed to say the least. Though the World Wide Web has already been flooded by countless games that are played online, but there are few that are developed to capture our attention. In 2017 also the online fighting games remain at the forefront of those games that require advanced graphics, endless amount of gaming skills and ability to overcome the challenges. This year also brings up an opportunity for the gamers to test their skills by playing fighting games at

Thus the following games clearly emerge as the ones that will drive the gaming experience to the next level. Here they are: FULL POST

Posted 9/21/16 at 1:26 PM | Biru Singh

5 Ways You Need To Know To Keep Your Weight Training Injury-Free

Power Lifting champions also cope with injuries due to various reasons. Some of which can be carelessness in the gym or skip the warm-up sessions. Whether you are at the local gym or at home, you can be injured at any time if you are not careful. Injuries like sprains, strains, and broken bones are some of the common injuries for an athletic or active lifestyle. But remember to go through fitness quotes for more motivation.

But did you know that these injuries can be diminished, avoided, and prevented? You just need a bit more of knowledge and preparation if you want to be away from injuries.

Here are six ways to prevent your weight training injury.

1. Save Those Feet And Ankles By Wearing Proper Shoes

You spend days sitting in front of your computers or laptops. Once that upper body starts to pain, you stand up. By standing up, all of a sudden the weight falls down to your foot. And bang! Your feet are under the pressure now. Now if you are wearing shoes that are higher at the heel, you are pressurizing your tiny toes. Followed by pain in your feet and ankles that bear the brunt of any impact. FULL POST

Posted 8/2/16 at 8:56 PM | Biru Singh

The Difference between Orthodontists and Dentists

There is literally nothing better than a perfect smile. Some people get this naturally while others, well, others have to look for it. It’s not bad and it’s certainly not your fault. Most teeth malformations that occur are hereditary while some occur naturally. The good news is these malformations can be corrected easily through a number of procedures that guarantee you the best smile ever and ensures the smile lasts forever.

For you to get the best professionals to help you correct your dental issues, you have to go to the right place. For instance, when your skin has blemishes, you contact a dermatologist, when you have heart problems, you look for a cardiologist. Your teeth are important too; just like your other body parts they deserve a professional too. Tooth malformations, if left unchecked, can affect your life in many ways, although they are more often underestimated than not. Finding a good solution to this condition can be very helpful in avoiding such problems later on.

Dentistry deals with the diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cavities and infections. Most dental practices are generalized and deal with issues that affect the mouth although it also involves other adjacent structures such as the jaws, gums and other relevant facial structures. Dentists are medical doctors who have undergone extensive studies to gain knowledge and skill on how to deal with these dental disorders. FULL POST