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Posted 2/21/17 at 11:39 AM | Dylan Moran

Tackling Problem Gambling From a Christian Perspective

Christians have often taken a hard-line on gambling and those with gambling addictions are seen as corrupted, immoral, and going against God. However, the bible doesn’t actually condemn gambling, nor does it really mention it. There are passages in the bible that warn against “the love of money” as there are passages warning against any “get rich quick schemes”. But these could be interpreted to mean pyramid schemes and people who work around the clock as much as gambling.

However, the issue that Christians have with gambling is less about the immorality of the act in itself, and more about the problems that it can cause. Gambling addiction is one of the most destructive, harmful things that can happen to a person. It causes a person to lie to their loved ones, to abuse drugs and alcohol, to commit treacherous acts and to generally harm those around them. The bible does warn against all of these things, but as Christians it’s important for us to help those with this problem instead of shunning them. FULL POST

Posted 2/9/17 at 3:15 PM | Dylan Moran

How to Get Your Christian Book Published

If you’ve been given a message that you know you need to deliver, then one of the best ways to do is by publishing a book. There are a great number of books out there, across a range of subjects and genres. Christian books; those aimed at the faithful, are no exception. Unfortunately, there is often a huge difference between writing a book and getting it published. There are too many great books that go unpublished; messages that go unheard. Here’s a look at how to get your Christian book published.

Find an Agent

Many authors turn to agents in order to get their books published. An agent is a great way to go if you can find – and afford – one. The right agent will know all of the best Christian book publishers. It’s important to get a Christian book publisher because they will have access to the right market and be able to accept and sell you and your message. Some publishers might be unwilling to really share your message, and they might be turned off by the words “Christian book”. Find an agent who shares your faith, believes in you, and will be able to set you up with a publisher who will do the same. FULL POST

Posted 2/7/17 at 1:55 AM | Dylan Moran

Stay Healthy with Good Eating Habits

Successful people endure achieving success only when they adapt to the good habits. One of the significant addiction a successful person entails is the health factor. We find people reaching the top only when they have these healthy habits. A good health allows a person to enjoy his life to the fullest which is not the case when you are dying out of pain.

Two main factors determine our health, that is, food and fitness. Eat clean stay lean is the commonly used phrase while talking about healthy. One needs having healthful food as well as working on the fitness to stay healthy and enjoy life. So, let us talk about the eating habits to stay healthy and fit:

Always have your breakfast

This is proved from a statistical data of people who have managed to put down their weight hugely. In order to diet, we tend to skip our breakfasts or just have it in subtle amounts. However, the diet will never work as our body requires heavy breakfast in the morning. Now when it comes to having a heavy meal, it is not only the fried food that is termed as heavy but eating healthy food such as fruits, oats, eggs constitute to our heavy breakfast. Find out more about healthy breakfast recipes over the internet. FULL POST

Posted 1/30/17 at 6:29 AM | Dylan Moran

Success, Value and Your Circle of Influence

What is Success
Success is a term that determines your accomplishment to your aim or purpose. You set your goals you would want to achieve, work on them and finally get the results. A pass result is achieving success whereas a fail result is a failure. However, success is not just a determination of achieving end results, but it is about your hard work to achieve the end results. How you work on them defines your success. There are a number of factors that combine to shape your victory. The primary factors impacting success is your value and your circle of influence determining your success. In fact, one’s success lies in these factors. Let us first understand both the terms individually to make a conclusion on how these elements stay imperative to achieve success.

What is value
Value is the importance of something. It may be anything. You take a currency and determine its value worth how much you can get. A 1 dollar note has a value up to the amount you can buy from it. The 10-dollar note has a higher value as increased amount of stuff can be acquired. It’s not just the money that has a value, but it is your value that determines the worth of money. More the value you justify, more is what you deserve.
If you are a hard-working person, striving fairly towards your goals, have a positive attitude towards everything, then you presumably might be the most valuable person. An individual who owns a business builds the value of his firm through his unique value. Thus, it is imperative to find out your own worth to create a force in your business, in your earnings or at any step of your life. FULL POST

Posted 12/28/16 at 1:02 PM | Dylan Moran

State Government Actions on Daily Fantasy Sports: A snapshot of where things stand for DFS ‘state by state’

Started off as a recreational activity, Fantasy sports have now been changed by big market players into a mass money making activity which is an expansion of gambling... as stated by state governments.

Over two dozen states are showing slow progress into the regulation of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), while some states have already considered it illegal. There were also some victories for the legalization of DFS industry in different states in 2016.

Robert Tomlinson, the State Senator for Pennsylvania advised the members of state ‘House of Representatives’ earlier this month, “not to rush into the matter. The formal legalization of the activity needs careful consideration about whether and how to do it.”

The primary concern of Tomlinson about DFS is to identify whether the activity is completely based on chance or skill. They doubt the business models of the two leading commercial operators of the industry “DraftKings and FanDuel”, who appear to merge into one company (according to recent press reports). He also highlighted that, such market dynamics may further deform the market and potentially decrease the revenue to be garnered by Commonwealth. FULL POST

Posted 12/27/16 at 11:17 AM | Dylan Moran

Natural Ways to get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite has always been a problem that women face. While earlier the victims of cellulite might have been lesser, they have increased enormously in the recent years. Cellulite is something that you need to get rid of for your own benefit. Not only does it make your body disproportionate, but also makes you vulnerable to certain diseases. To get rid of cellulite, you need to undergo some amount of weight loss maybe through exercise or by dieting.

But there are certain natural remedies like taking fat burner which help you get rid of the cellulite in your body.

1. Scrubs Made of Coffee
This is by far one of the most innovative ways of getting rid of Cellulite from your body. Coffee smells amazing which is why you should not have any problem in applying it. All you need to do is make a paste out of coffee, sugar, and a little melted coconut and oregano oil. Before applying it store it in a jar for a small amount of time. Make sure you massage this paste thoroughly over the affected area. Perform this massage for at least three days in the week. Good results are usually visible with two weeks. FULL POST

Posted 12/12/16 at 11:15 AM | Dylan Moran

Designing a home that Nurtures and Heals our Spirit

Our environment, our clothes and our house have the power to elevate or depress our spirits. If we have the right combination of elements in our surroundings, even the biggest worries and stress can be effectively reduced to a level that we can live with confidence and optimism.

It is not about having expensive home decorative, visiting fun places, looking good or starting to live a luxury life that we have always dreamt of. But it is about feeling good even in the most ordinary and regular lifestyle.

Some people like to live a simple life having only the most basic stuff at home, while others may like living an elegant life. For some a religious environment is what brings them comfort and connection with their personal self.

No matter how big, small, beautiful or standard our home is. A home is our sanctuary. It is our safe heaven, the best place to connect with our soul. It is our permanent living space that makes us what we are.

In order for us to build a home that enriches our day to day life, we must realize our unique nature, our vibration and what truly inspire us. For example, here is a little bit about how we can build a home that reflects our soul: FULL POST

Posted 10/24/16 at 12:54 AM | Dylan Moran

Americans Turning the Remains of Dead into Memorial Diamonds

The idea of developing diamonds from human ashes was first practiced in Switzerland over a decade ago. It is a long and expensive process that develops diamonds from the ‘Carbon and Nitrogen’ element-mass obtained from human ashes. Companies like, LONITE AG who are pioneer in this technology, are now promoting the idea outside Switzerland, in the USA and other parts of the world.

The diamonds they create from human ashes are optically same as the natural diamonds. But these have slight difference in the carbon atoms and chemical density. A customer can verify the purity of this diamond through the certificate provided by the company or by getting it tested by any Gemological and International Certification institute. It is measured in carat (ct).

To produce these diamonds, companies like LONITE AG create similar environment at their laboratory that is suitable for developing natural diamonds – High Temperatures and High Pressures (HTHP). They need to create and control temperatures up to 3000K and pressures up to 60000 Bars. FULL POST

Posted 10/6/16 at 6:50 AM | Dylan Moran

Christians Get Reformed and Get into Gaming Industry in New York

The Christian Reformed Church started as a noteworthy part of the change advancement by John Calvin in the mid sixteenth century and was remote made to North America by Dutch vagrants in 1848, according to the gathering's site. Two exotic strippers in New York city have made a significant change in their decisions now making the change to be godly. It disengaged from the Dutch improvement to wind up its own specific American substance in 1857. With its Calvinist guidelines and unmistakable American headway, the Christian Reformed Church contains philosophical differentiations from other Christian requests.

Individuals are getting reformed by getting to be Christians:

After a time of persevering advancement in the midst of the season of 1963–1992, enlistment totals have since seen a persisting rot, regardless of the way that the number of spots of love has developed. In 1992, at the stature of its interest, the Christian Reformed Churches had 316,415 people in 981 places of love in the United States and Canada. In 2012 support had dropped to 251,727 people in 1099 blessed spots, meaning lost 65,000 people in the latest 20 years. FULL POST

Posted 9/1/16 at 1:41 PM | Dylan Moran

Using Web Page Building Tools - What to Consider First

Building a website to serve one’s purpose is a very common incident in the present times. From a multinational company to a local grocery seller, everyone tends to go online to attract more buyers/customers. And to do so what you need is a website that can help you build your web presence. A well designed, professional website not only helps you build your presence in the present world but also helps you reach out to more people with ease. You do not need to spend a lot of money on banners, billboards, flyers, newspaper and TV advertisements, etc. Your website can become the best tool for marketing your services and products amongst your target audience base, thus saving effort and money.

However, to achieve all this, you need a professional grade website built first. You can hire one amongst the various web development companies or experts available in your locality or by searching on various search engines. But the catch here is that you will need to invest a good amount of your hard earned money in order to hire these services. And if you have just started your business or are willing to expand, this may significantly add to your overheads. Without a good capital, this investment may seem to be trouble for you.
Web page building tools – your task made easy FULL POST

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