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Dylan Moran

Dylan has extensive experience in community management, social media consultancy, child safety, and crisis management.

Posted 8/15/17 at 12:02 PM | Dylan Moran


Among the various general personal injury conditions handled by our attorneys are auto accidents that take place on the byways and highways of San Antonio. Every year thousands of people meet with an auto accident which can result in severe injury or even death. When this happens, the direct participants are far from the only ones who suffer. The family is likely to take a heavy financial hit, and depending on the type of injuries, this can become an ongoing burden that can destroy a family’s quality of life. The right legal representation can make the difference between a subpar settlement and one that gives you everything you can legally obtain.

If you or your loved one ever meets with an accident, they should get in touch with our San Antonio Personal auto accident lawyers. With their help you can file suit to claim compensation for your medical bills, physical and emotional suffering and lost wages. FULL POST

Posted 7/23/17 at 9:11 AM | Dylan Moran

Why Did the GOP Healthcare Plan Fail

The new “GOP Healthcare Plan” seemed to be gaining traction and over the last few weeks it looked like it could be given life, effectively paving way for the annihilation of Obamacare, something that Republicans have used as a symbol for their hatred over the last couple terms. But it didn’t work out, the bill collapsed and now it’s on its knees.

So what happened? Well, while the Democrats will be blamed for the failure of the bill and their staunch unwillingness to agree to anything that opposed their previous leader’s healthcare plan, this one is on the Republicans. In fact, it all boils down to Trump’s first few months in office.

Why it Failed

Trump’s presidency has not been a game changer, nor has it been a game ender. For the most part, it’s been a case of same-old same-old. We’ve had foreign conflicts, domestic drama. It is rather unusual to have so much drama so early on in a presidency, but US leaders are never too far away from domestic issues and foreign complaints.

One of the things that has defined this presidency though is the approval rating. Because whether you’re on Trump’s side or not, you can’t argue with the fact that he has the lowest approval rating of any US president. He has his diehard supporters (focusing on his success in business, the way he can help the US stock markets and oppose China), but for every 1 of those there are 2 detractors, and that’s why this bill collapsed. FULL POST

Posted 7/20/17 at 9:36 PM | Dylan Moran

Camping in the US is Now More Popular Than Ever

Camping has always been seen as something that Baby Boomers love and that every other generation has a deep contempt for. At least, that’s what countless sitcoms would have you believe. The truth, however, is quite different.

Camping is a popular past-time throughout the United States and it’s becoming even more popular. A report commissioned by camping website discovered that the majority of Americans above 18 have camped at some point in their lives and most of them enjoyed it. What’s more, there are millions of Americans for whom camping is a regular treat, an alternative holiday choice that is cheaper, more enjoyable and offers more interactivity between family and friends.

They are not alone in their studies either, as many other reports have been conducted, showing that this hobby is on the rise and has been for a number of years.

Camping in 2017

According to the North American Camping Report more than 13 million Americans plan to camp in 2017. That’s just under 5% of the total population, a staggering number that bodes well for all the outdoor brands and retailers that now litter the US retail sector. FULL POST

Posted 7/3/17 at 3:42 PM | Dylan Moran

How Rehab Helps Addicts?

Drug addiction has become one of the major concerns out there in the modern world. That’s because it is extremely difficult to get someone out of this addiction. Drug addiction recovery is a long process and it cannot be done overnight. As a result, drug rehab centers have popped up in every corner of the world. The drug rehab centers are equipped with experienced and trained specialists who can assist the patients throughout the treatment process. They offer different detoxification recovery programs in order to help people come out of their addictions without much hassle.

As mentioned earlier, the rehab facilities offer different types of treatments for the addicts. Detoxification holds a prominent place out of them. In fact, detoxification is the first step that is taken by every rehab to treat the addicts. This step is associated with medical treatment for the physical addiction. The physical body of an addict is in need of drugs and they will find it as a hard task to live without drugs. This can give life to a wide range of physical issues in the long run. They include depression and violent behavior as well.

Therapy can be considered as the second step taken by drug rehab facilities to help the addicts. In the step, the addict will have to spend time with other patients who go through the same recovery process. This helps the trained specialists to offer both group and individual therapies accordingly. These therapies have the ability to assist people understand their struggles. Then they will be able to learn how to overcome stresses on their own and develop an excellent support system. The drug addicts will also have to go through a variety of outdoor activities that can encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle. FULL POST

Posted 6/18/17 at 3:10 AM | Dylan Moran

New Technologies in the Gaming and Tech Markets for 2017 and 2018

Sometimes technology doesn’t always advance like we anticipate it will. In the 1950s and 1960s, many predicted that we would be living in space colonies, riding in flying cars and using hover-boards by now. None of that happened, of course, but many predictions that seemed outlandish at first, did come true.

We live in an extraordinary age, with new tech being introduced and new developments being made every single week. So, as we look to round-up the final half of 2016, a year that gave us fitness trackers, VR headsets and personal drones, let’s see what 2017 might bring.

The Foldable Smartphone: There is no shortage of demand in the smartphone market. Where there is demand there is money, and where there is money there is investment. That’s why this industry is moving so fast and it’s why we might see a foldable smartphone as soon as 2017. There are reports that Samsung has one such device ready. Smartphones have been getting bigger and bigger, and this tech would allow them to continue in much the same vain while still creating something you can carry in your pocket. FULL POST

Posted 6/18/17 at 3:02 AM | Dylan Moran

My Strange (and Profitable) Journey Developing a Free Play Card Game

Free Play App Development vs Paid

A friend of mine runs a series of gambling sites. We actually met because he was looking for someone to create original software and expand upon software created by licensed providers like Microgaming. I wasn’t up for the job in the end, but we stayed in touch and he became a close friend.

I learned a lot about the industry and its profits. He made good money and I even considered getting involved myself. Two years after that first encounter I received an offer to work on a “free-play” blackjack game. Basically, the developer was a small-timer and he wanted to cash in on the success that a rival had enjoyed with a poker game.

He knew it would be a simple game to create. He knew it would be cheap and quick. And he suspected that there would be a lot of profit in it. Unfortunately for him, so did I, so I asked for a decent sum of money and for a share of the profits. He agreed. I created the game and then I learned something that still astounds me to this day. FULL POST

Posted 6/4/17 at 11:55 PM | Dylan Moran

How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

In today’s world, it is extremely important for the businesses to be competitive. For example, the brands need to take necessary measures in order to engage with customers on a regular basis. Social media networks and technological development has made it easy for the brands. Here is a detailed guideline that would assist you to create a digital strategy for your brand, which can drive sales.

1. Start by creating the marketing personas

You need to take necessary measures in order to create a marketing team, which can drive forward the defined strategy. This is one of the most crucial steps because you need to get the right individuals into the team. If you are unsure how you can find a good marketing company that will help your digital marketing strategy, you can perhaps use a service like Marketing Quotes which will help you compare from Australia’s top marketing agencies. You will not be able to change the composition of the marketing team after some time and you should make all the required changes at the beginning. This can contribute a lot towards your conversions-based digital marketing efforts. FULL POST

Posted 5/19/17 at 2:57 PM | Dylan Moran

How Ethical is Gambling on Slot Machines?

In the United Kingdom right now there is an epidemic of gambling that has created a new breed of gambling addict and has caused all kinds of problems within local communities. Something similar is happening in Australia and in several other countries. These things have something in common. Firstly, gambling is legal there, and secondly, the problems are all created by slot machines.

If you listen to the economists than legalized gambling is the way to go. They say that it brings in a lot of money for local communities and is able to generate millions in tax. All of that is true. But the issue that the American people have with gambling is not about the money. It’s about the damage that it can do to society. Countries like the UK and Australia have ignored this damage for many years, and they are now suffering as a result.

Yet, there are still many people calling for the legalization of gambling in the United States, perhaps not realizing just what damage it can do. FULL POST

Posted 4/21/17 at 3:36 PM | Dylan Moran

Why Trump Could Annoy his Christian Supporters

Donald Trump proved to be a hit with the Christian right, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering his allegiances to the Republican party and his conservative policies. But the reason he caused a split in the party was because he was seen to be too liberal.

We haven’t really seen any evidence of that just let but in a few months or a year we could see those fears come to fruition with Trump legalizing gambling.

Online Gambling in the US

Online gambling is actually already flourishing in both the United States and Canada. It’s illegal for the most part, but it’s not quite that black and white. There are a lot of grey areas. These include the use of oversea’s sites, Central American gambling licenses and the use of electronic checks, which has allowed this industry to avoid the banking system.

However, this has presented a problem for the US authorities. The money is there, as is the demand, but because of those grey areas it is all being funneled out of the country. Money that would be in the government coffers if gambling was legal is being taken away from them and is ending up entirely in the hands of corporations. FULL POST

Posted 4/17/17 at 8:10 PM | Dylan Moran

Christians and the Stock Market

Most of us have been tempted at least once or twice to dabble in the stock market. And regardless of your views on the matter, it’s a point of fact that an increasing number of Christians are beginning to see the merits of using the stock markets to help manage the family finances. As it turns out, prudent investments of your earnings could, in fact, be good stewardship of your money.

But as the moral climate of our nation shifts toward a more liberal, atheistic one, we must strive to be diligent in vetting the companies in which we invest. It’s becoming increasingly important to research not just the financials of a company but also the company’s product offerings in order to ensure that the management of our money honors God.

Let’s explore a growing trend in investing, which can offer a more concise example of this: pharmaceuticals. There are a huge number of pharmaceutical companies listed on the exchanges, and that number is quickly growing. Among them are Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as smaller biopharmaceutical companies. FULL POST

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