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Dylan Moran

Dylan has extensive experience in community management, social media consultancy, child safety, and crisis management.

Posted 6/18/17 at 3:02 AM | Dylan Moran

My Strange (and Profitable) Journey Developing a Free Play Card Game

Free Play App Development vs Paid

A friend of mine runs a series of gambling sites. We actually met because he was looking for someone to create original software and expand upon software created by licensed providers like Microgaming. I wasn’t up for the job in the end, but we stayed in touch and he became a close friend.

I learned a lot about the industry and its profits. He made good money and I even considered getting involved myself. Two years after that first encounter I received an offer to work on a “free-play” blackjack game. Basically, the developer was a small-timer and he wanted to cash in on the success that a rival had enjoyed with a poker game.

He knew it would be a simple game to create. He knew it would be cheap and quick. And he suspected that there would be a lot of profit in it. Unfortunately for him, so did I, so I asked for a decent sum of money and for a share of the profits. He agreed. I created the game and then I learned something that still astounds me to this day. FULL POST

Posted 6/4/17 at 11:55 PM | Dylan Moran

How to create an effective digital marketing strategy

In today’s world, it is extremely important for the businesses to be competitive. For example, the brands need to take necessary measures in order to engage with customers on a regular basis. Social media networks and technological development has made it easy for the brands. Here is a detailed guideline that would assist you to create a digital strategy for your brand, which can drive sales.

1. Start by creating the marketing personas

You need to take necessary measures in order to create a marketing team, which can drive forward the defined strategy. This is one of the most crucial steps because you need to get the right individuals into the team. If you are unsure how you can find a good marketing company that will help your digital marketing strategy, you can perhaps use a service like Marketing Quotes which will help you compare from Australia’s top marketing agencies. You will not be able to change the composition of the marketing team after some time and you should make all the required changes at the beginning. This can contribute a lot towards your conversions-based digital marketing efforts. FULL POST

Posted 5/19/17 at 2:57 PM | Dylan Moran

How Ethical is Gambling on Slot Machines?

In the United Kingdom right now there is an epidemic of gambling that has created a new breed of gambling addict and has caused all kinds of problems within local communities. Something similar is happening in Australia and in several other countries. These things have something in common. Firstly, gambling is legal there, and secondly, the problems are all created by slot machines.

If you listen to the economists than legalized gambling is the way to go. They say that it brings in a lot of money for local communities and is able to generate millions in tax. All of that is true. But the issue that the American people have with gambling is not about the money. It’s about the damage that it can do to society. Countries like the UK and Australia have ignored this damage for many years, and they are now suffering as a result.

Yet, there are still many people calling for the legalization of gambling in the United States, perhaps not realizing just what damage it can do. FULL POST

Posted 4/21/17 at 3:36 PM | Dylan Moran

Why Trump Could Annoy his Christian Supporters

Donald Trump proved to be a hit with the Christian right, which wasn’t much of a surprise considering his allegiances to the Republican party and his conservative policies. But the reason he caused a split in the party was because he was seen to be too liberal.

We haven’t really seen any evidence of that just let but in a few months or a year we could see those fears come to fruition with Trump legalizing gambling.

Online Gambling in the US

Online gambling is actually already flourishing in both the United States and Canada. It’s illegal for the most part, but it’s not quite that black and white. There are a lot of grey areas. These include the use of oversea’s sites, Central American gambling licenses and the use of electronic checks, which has allowed this industry to avoid the banking system.

However, this has presented a problem for the US authorities. The money is there, as is the demand, but because of those grey areas it is all being funneled out of the country. Money that would be in the government coffers if gambling was legal is being taken away from them and is ending up entirely in the hands of corporations. FULL POST

Posted 4/17/17 at 8:10 PM | Dylan Moran

Christians and the Stock Market

Most of us have been tempted at least once or twice to dabble in the stock market. And regardless of your views on the matter, it’s a point of fact that an increasing number of Christians are beginning to see the merits of using the stock markets to help manage the family finances. As it turns out, prudent investments of your earnings could, in fact, be good stewardship of your money.

But as the moral climate of our nation shifts toward a more liberal, atheistic one, we must strive to be diligent in vetting the companies in which we invest. It’s becoming increasingly important to research not just the financials of a company but also the company’s product offerings in order to ensure that the management of our money honors God.

Let’s explore a growing trend in investing, which can offer a more concise example of this: pharmaceuticals. There are a huge number of pharmaceutical companies listed on the exchanges, and that number is quickly growing. Among them are Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as smaller biopharmaceutical companies. FULL POST

Posted 2/21/17 at 11:39 AM | Dylan Moran

Tackling Problem Gambling From a Christian Perspective

Christians have often taken a hard-line on gambling and those with gambling addictions are seen as corrupted, immoral, and going against God. However, the bible doesn’t actually condemn gambling, nor does it really mention it. There are passages in the bible that warn against “the love of money” as there are passages warning against any “get rich quick schemes”. But these could be interpreted to mean pyramid schemes and people who work around the clock as much as gambling.

However, the issue that Christians have with gambling is less about the immorality of the act in itself, and more about the problems that it can cause. Gambling addiction is one of the most destructive, harmful things that can happen to a person. It causes a person to lie to their loved ones, to abuse drugs and alcohol, to commit treacherous acts and to generally harm those around them. The bible does warn against all of these things, but as Christians it’s important for us to help those with this problem instead of shunning them. FULL POST

Posted 2/9/17 at 3:15 PM | Dylan Moran

How to Get Your Christian Book Published

If you’ve been given a message that you know you need to deliver, then one of the best ways to do is by publishing a book. There are a great number of books out there, across a range of subjects and genres. Christian books; those aimed at the faithful, are no exception. Unfortunately, there is often a huge difference between writing a book and getting it published. There are too many great books that go unpublished; messages that go unheard. Here’s a look at how to get your Christian book published.

Find an Agent

Many authors turn to agents in order to get their books published. An agent is a great way to go if you can find – and afford – one. The right agent will know all of the best Christian book publishers. It’s important to get a Christian book publisher because they will have access to the right market and be able to accept and sell you and your message. Some publishers might be unwilling to really share your message, and they might be turned off by the words “Christian book”. Find an agent who shares your faith, believes in you, and will be able to set you up with a publisher who will do the same. FULL POST

Posted 2/7/17 at 1:55 AM | Dylan Moran

Stay Healthy with Good Eating Habits

Successful people endure achieving success only when they adapt to the good habits. One of the significant addiction a successful person entails is the health factor. We find people reaching the top only when they have these healthy habits. A good health allows a person to enjoy his life to the fullest which is not the case when you are dying out of pain.

Two main factors determine our health, that is, food and fitness. Eat clean stay lean is the commonly used phrase while talking about healthy. One needs having healthful food as well as working on the fitness to stay healthy and enjoy life. So, let us talk about the eating habits to stay healthy and fit:

Always have your breakfast

This is proved from a statistical data of people who have managed to put down their weight hugely. In order to diet, we tend to skip our breakfasts or just have it in subtle amounts. However, the diet will never work as our body requires heavy breakfast in the morning. Now when it comes to having a heavy meal, it is not only the fried food that is termed as heavy but eating healthy food such as fruits, oats, eggs constitute to our heavy breakfast. Find out more about healthy breakfast recipes over the internet. FULL POST

Posted 1/30/17 at 6:29 AM | Dylan Moran

Success, Value and Your Circle of Influence

What is Success
Success is a term that determines your accomplishment to your aim or purpose. You set your goals you would want to achieve, work on them and finally get the results. A pass result is achieving success whereas a fail result is a failure. However, success is not just a determination of achieving end results, but it is about your hard work to achieve the end results. How you work on them defines your success. There are a number of factors that combine to shape your victory. The primary factors impacting success is your value and your circle of influence determining your success. In fact, one’s success lies in these factors. Let us first understand both the terms individually to make a conclusion on how these elements stay imperative to achieve success.

What is value
Value is the importance of something. It may be anything. You take a currency and determine its value worth how much you can get. A 1 dollar note has a value up to the amount you can buy from it. The 10-dollar note has a higher value as increased amount of stuff can be acquired. It’s not just the money that has a value, but it is your value that determines the worth of money. More the value you justify, more is what you deserve.
If you are a hard-working person, striving fairly towards your goals, have a positive attitude towards everything, then you presumably might be the most valuable person. An individual who owns a business builds the value of his firm through his unique value. Thus, it is imperative to find out your own worth to create a force in your business, in your earnings or at any step of your life. FULL POST

Posted 12/28/16 at 1:02 PM | Dylan Moran

State Government Actions on Daily Fantasy Sports: A snapshot of where things stand for DFS ‘state by state’

Started off as a recreational activity, Fantasy sports have now been changed by big market players into a mass money making activity which is an expansion of gambling... as stated by state governments.

Over two dozen states are showing slow progress into the regulation of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), while some states have already considered it illegal. There were also some victories for the legalization of DFS industry in different states in 2016.

Robert Tomlinson, the State Senator for Pennsylvania advised the members of state ‘House of Representatives’ earlier this month, “not to rush into the matter. The formal legalization of the activity needs careful consideration about whether and how to do it.”

The primary concern of Tomlinson about DFS is to identify whether the activity is completely based on chance or skill. They doubt the business models of the two leading commercial operators of the industry “DraftKings and FanDuel”, who appear to merge into one company (according to recent press reports). He also highlighted that, such market dynamics may further deform the market and potentially decrease the revenue to be garnered by Commonwealth. FULL POST

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