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Camping in the US is Now More Popular Than Ever

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Camping has always been seen as something that Baby Boomers love and that every other generation has a deep contempt for. At least, that’s what countless sitcoms would have you believe. The truth, however, is quite different.

Camping is a popular past-time throughout the United States and it’s becoming even more popular. A report commissioned by camping website discovered that the majority of Americans above 18 have camped at some point in their lives and most of them enjoyed it. What’s more, there are millions of Americans for whom camping is a regular treat, an alternative holiday choice that is cheaper, more enjoyable and offers more interactivity between family and friends.

They are not alone in their studies either, as many other reports have been conducted, showing that this hobby is on the rise and has been for a number of years.

Camping in 2017

According to the North American Camping Report more than 13 million Americans plan to camp in 2017. That’s just under 5% of the total population, a staggering number that bodes well for all the outdoor brands and retailers that now litter the US retail sector.

Despite the belief that Baby Boomers and older generations in general are the ones mostly into camping, it’s actually millennials who camp the most. 38% of campers fall into this generational bracket, half of which have said that they plan to camp more than they have done in previous years.


So, what are the benefits of camping for the nation on the whole? Well, for one thing, it keeps more money in the US economy. If a US family chooses to go camping in the United States as opposed to flying to South America or vacationing in Canada, then that means that the US economy is able to benefit from the clothes and equipment they buy.

When it comes to outdoor orientation, American families are more inclined to trust an independent store than a big chain or an online retailer. They can provide advice and recommendations—they can genuinely help. So, all of those purchases boost the economy and also help small businesses.

The national parks, campgrounds and other tourist destinations also benefit, because they are the ones hosting all of these campers. It also leads to an increased appreciation of the US landscape, which is never a bad thing.

Finally, a family that camps together is a family that shares a unique bond. In families that regularly travel together and spend time chatting, playing and hiking on camping vacations, there are fewer divorces, fewer spats, and a stronger bond all-round. There are even suggestions that this could lead to a decrease in family violence cases.

It’s also healthier to spend time in the open air, to hike, to climb and to play, than it is to lounge on a beach somewhere. We now know that sitting can reduce your lifespan considerably and that the simple act of standing can burn more calories. So, for a country that seemed to be getter fatter and unhealthier, this is great news.

All in all, this is an activity that can benefit all and be enjoyed by all. So, it’s fantastic to see that more and more families are getting involved.

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