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Designing a home that Nurtures and Heals our Spirit

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Our environment, our clothes and our house have the power to elevate or depress our spirits. If we have the right combination of elements in our surroundings, even the biggest worries and stress can be effectively reduced to a level that we can live with confidence and optimism.

It is not about having expensive home decorative, visiting fun places, looking good or starting to live a luxury life that we have always dreamt of. But it is about feeling good even in the most ordinary and regular lifestyle.

Some people like to live a simple life having only the most basic stuff at home, while others may like living an elegant life. For some a religious environment is what brings them comfort and connection with their personal self.

No matter how big, small, beautiful or standard our home is. A home is our sanctuary. It is our safe heaven, the best place to connect with our soul. It is our permanent living space that makes us what we are.

In order for us to build a home that enriches our day to day life, we must realize our unique nature, our vibration and what truly inspire us. For example, here is a little bit about how we can build a home that reflects our soul:

Finding our true nature
It is usually very hard for an ordinary person to distinguish his true nature from his personality traits (especially the less desirable traits). In fact we are not the worst characteristics of our personality. It is natural that our untrained minds want what seems advantageous and hates what it perceives as painful.

We fight for not washing dishes or cleaning house, we desire to earn more money, get jealous of not having what other person has, bear pain of losing a loved one, or fear the discomfort of growing old. It is natural to feel overwhelmed by circumstances of our life and consider them as our personality traits. These are simply different mind-states which are impermanent (not belonging to us) and which do not define our true nature.

When studying our inner self we must first dis-identify ourselves on basis of our thoughts and observe how we work. Meditation is one of the most recommended practices to witness our inner world and to be a passive observer. This is quite difficult to describe in words, but as we practice more, we discover it ourselves. We should not rely on someone else to help us know who we are.

Designing a home that reflects our soul
Once we are well aware of our true nature, it is way too easy to recreate the things around us. We only need our feelings to be our guide. This is called “Emotional Guidance System”.

We are guided by our feelings all the time, without ceasing, whether doing our everyday job, talking to a friend or even when walking through the street. Similarly, we need to look around the different objects in our house and take decisions about its placement according to our feelings. Our relationship with these visual elements of our house can provide deep support in our spiritual healing. Understanding this connection, we must utilize their color, sound, and frequency to create a sanctuary that is special and unique to us.

Once we get started, it is easier for us to understand what more new items we need to add to our sanctuary. We might not even realize what exactly we need in order to add more positive vibrations to our house unless we see it and know that this is it. So, we must keep looking around for unique household items that align with our unique mosaic. Online there are many website with such unique products like, Etsy, Allposters, GeekWrapped, Wayfair.

We don't have to be religious to try spiritual healing techniques at home. Even meditating does not make us religious. Meditation is a mental exercise to control the flow of our emotions and help us realize our true self. Just like when we do physical exercise, we come to realize our true physical strength.

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